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Work at imc
CSR · Reading time 4 min.
The Milestones 2021 of the Diversity & Inclusion Movement at imc
At the beginning of the year, we made a promise: we wanted to get something going in the field of diversity and inclusion (D&I) at imc. We wanted to turn theory into something that could be experienced: a participatory project with great offers. And let me tell you this much: we did it. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 4 min.
Why diversity and inclusion are more than nice add-ons
Companies realised at an early stage that proactive D&I management also brings benefits for them. After all, diverse teams have proven to boost productivity and enhance business outcomes. Moreover, companies can only secure the greatest talents if they recruit from a diverse environment. imc also understands diversity as a driver for innovation. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 4 min.
Unconscious bias: Critical examination of one’s thought process
The tricky thing about unconscious bias is our failure to acknowledge that it is part of human nature to apply stereotypes in our thought processes. An Interview with Vanessah Aurore Reck (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 3 min.
Cultural Diversity - Working in an intercultural company
Our offices are spread across the world – across 12 international locations to be precise. Here, 49 nations are collaborating. Today, we will take a closer look at two of our offices. To this end, we met for a virtual coffee with Francisca Lim, Brand Manager at imc Singapore and Gijs Daemen, Brand Manager at imc UK. (…) read more
CSR · Reading time 2 min.
International Women's Day at imc Australia
The imc team across Melbourne took the International Women's Day as an opportunity to consider diversity, inclusion and equality. (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 3 min.
Diversity and inclusion at imc
What does Diversity and Inclusion mean at imc? And what is the "Diversity Corner" in the headquarter in Saarbrücken about? We will enlighten you in the interview with Kerstin Steffen. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk ·
Diversity in E-Learning: A plea for diverse learning content
We reveal 5 tips for creating e-learning content that reflects diversity. (…) read more