Choosing the right LMS

Select a new LMS that's just right for your organisation

Navigate the LMS landscape: Your guide to choosing the perfect enterprise training platform.

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Choosing the right LMS: Top priorities in 10 steps

Top priorities for effective learning

Effective learning is more than just acquiring knowledge and skills. It's about motivating learners to achieve their goals. In developing our imc Learning Suite platform, we take guidance from HR Analyst Fosway, who asked companies about their top priorities when it comes to enterprise learning and choosing the right LMS for them: 

  • Alignment: Learning content needs to be relevant to the learner's roles, skills gaps, or business goals.  
  • User experience (UX): A visually appealing 'look & feel' helps engaging learners. 
  • Customisation: Clever content curation caters to different learning styles and personalises the learning process. 
  • Learning journeys: Structured learning programmes help ensure learners progress effectively and efficiently. 


colleagues discussing LMS
colleagues discussing LMS
colleagues discussing LMS

A new LMS in 10 steps:

Choosing the right LMS for your organisation takes some thought and preparatory research.

  1. Plan out your training content and user interfaces tailored to your target groups.
  2. Make a record of your SMART project objectives – in concrete, measurable figures, so you can clearly monitor progress – and assign resources and responsibilities.
  3. Integrate the system into your IT infrastructure, such as your existing HR systems.
  4. Train your LMS administrators and develop content creation guidelines
  5. Put together a team of communication and data protection experts, IT specialists, professional development managers and representatives of the learning target groups.
  6. Conduct a test phase with a representative user group.
  7. Collect feedback and refine.
  8. Plan your internal communications and system tutorials.
  9. Promote the go-live with internal fanfare on the day.
  10. Gather continual feedback, monitor the achievement of your objectives, and adjust if necessary.

Choosing the right LMS: RfP requirements template

Assuming you're familiar with the key functions and technical specifications of an LMS, you can start working on your list of RfP requirements. To create an effective list of requirements, consider incorporating your main criteria for deciding on an LMS provider.  


Our free requirements template aims to be a valuable aid in finding the right provider for you in the 'jungle' of providers. You can easily extend and adapt the template to fit your specific needs and requirements. 

Evaluate and choose the right LMS for your organisation

Book a bespoke consultation with our team of learning experts to receive tailored advice on choosing the right choice of LMS for your organisation.

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