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Successful onboarding journeys supported by digital approaches
Recruitment and hiring in the new normal: Rethinking hybrid onboarding

How a hybrid onboarding journey will quickly get new employees ready to perform

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Less fluctuation

If the onboarding journey leaves a good impression, the risk of new employees switching to a different employer is reduced.


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Optimum time to performance

More efficient technical and social integration means new employees are ready to perform quicker and contribute results with their prior knowledge

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Lower initial training effort

Digital tools reduce the initial training investment from supervisors, colleagues and HR.


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Digitising theory – Using a face-to-face approach

If you want to remain the “new employer of choice” in the future, linking digital and analogue spheres in a meaningful way opens up many opportunities. Digital is not better just because it is digital, and analogue and in-person approaches are not doomed to failure.


Leverage the advantages of the different learning channels and bring them together in your onboarding journey. This adds value for your new employees and encourages them to remain loyal to your company.


Customised onboarding journey

A one-size-fits-all initial training course for all employees? That can easily backfire: While one person might be out of their depth, the next person will not feel challenged and may even be bored.


Of course, some training content is relevant to everyone. Yet, a learner-focused approach will bring better results. Tailor the onboarding journey to each employee group to achieve maximum learning success.

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Onboarding scenario with the imc Learning Suite

From quiz apps for teambuilding and knowledge consolidation through digital compliance training to on-the-job training modules: All these scenarios come together in the imc Learning Suite with individual scalability, making it the ideal solution for your digital onboarding journey!


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Interesting facts on onboarding


We show you, which (digital) approaches will help you remain the “new employer of choice” in the future.

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Science fiction or near future? A different take on onboarding.  


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Modern training for heterogeneous target groups with the imc Learning Suite.

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Discover onboarding scenarios for your corporate success

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