The flexible and advanced LMS

Get full configurability with imc Learning Suite – the #1 integrated LMS built to suit the needs of leading global brands. 

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Settings for every use case

The imc Learning Suite is built from the ground up for configurability. You're in complete control with highly flexible and pre-configured settings across the whole platform. Adjust the configuration to match the complexity of your programmeswith options for everything from any kind of notification trigger to auto-enrolments on courses and dynamic learner groups based on user attributes and logical operators (and/or) 

LMS Focus
A hyperfocus on learning

imc is solely focused on learning and takes a best-of-breed approach to increasing engagement, driving your learners to learn more. Our award-winning inhouse design agency is integrated into our learning platform's development, giving your learners the industry's best user and learning experiences, thanks to widest range of options and LMS features. 

LMS Data integration
Workforce data integration

The platform integrates with your employee management systems thanks to a broad set of integration possibilities, including the open web services API. We take a standard approach where possible, encompassing SCORM, xAPI, SCIM, LTI, and flat files, and can explore other integration possibilities with you. 

imc Learning Suite

An advanced LMS to consolidate your corporate training
imc LMS Modules

A powerful platform for all your organisation's L&D  

The imc Learning Suite serves as the foundation for your entire organisation's L&D programmes. It allows you to effortlessly create a bespoke learning environment that caters to an array of corporate training needs and accommodates the whole range of learning approaches.

  • Enhance your training provision and simplify your processes for everyone.
  • Customise your learning management, tracking and reporting to align with your organisational structure with fully decentralised administration.
  • Offer the full range of flexible learning options including online, blended, mobile, and adaptive learning to cater the needs of your employees and departments.


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A seamless match for your IT landscape 

By deploying a user data integration connector, you can not only connect the imc Learning Suite to other systems in your IT landscape but also automate user management. There are many possibilities and opportunities here, including options: 

  • Automatically create, update, activate and deactivate users in your LMS. 
  • Connect your LMS to HR systems, payroll systems such as Workday, and CRM systems such as Salesforce. 
  • Analyse learning data in conjunction with business data to track the impact of learning and development on your company's performance. 


Haley Roach, Workforce Training Manager, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
"imc were very agile with us, which allowed us to create an engaging learning platform for over 50,000 people, in a very short space of time."
Hayley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
Philipp Terstesse, Manager Global Trade Marketing, Jägermeister
"Our goal was to create a learning experience that takes a new approach and motivates learners. The learner and employee experience were extremely important to us. We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side as we embark on this journey into the future together."
Philipp Terstesse
Manager Global Trade Marketing
Mast-Jägermeister SE
Jasmin Garango, Hansgrohe
"Our main criterion was to give our employees a fast, bureaucracy-free appointments booking system. Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice."
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE

Want to streamline your L&D provision?

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and share your organisation's LMS requirements. Our team can help you find the perfect solution that fits your unique needs! 

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