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Training your external network
Make your external network integral part of your business strategy

Train your external network with a robust LMS and curated e-learning content

Never underestimate the power of your external partner network for your business success – and training them plays a pivotal part in enabling them to thrive

An organisation does not work in isolation. Its growth and success also depend on its network and on external relationships.
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Enabling the success of your external partner network is a crucial ingredient for your business success - it’s your job to support them in every way you can. Therefore, training plays a pivotal role in this. If your organisation trains its network of partners, you empower the people outside of your organisation to contribute to your business goals. Ultimately, it results in more trained resources, more efficient collaborative processes, and turns your partners into advocates who can become your most ardent supporters and sources of new business.


The LMS market in Australia

The Australian LMS market is a market that had significant potential, and was being underserved. This is because the cost of LMS deployment can be unnecessarily high and open-sourced solutions do not suit many corporate LMS needs.


When selecting an LMS in Australia, or anywhere, there are key requirements that must be met:

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It should have a simple and modern interface for users
Easy and accessible customer support
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The LMS should be secure, reliable and scalable

It is therefore important to implement a cloud-based LMS for external networks that is quick to set up. Moreover, it should also be user friendly and backed up by Australian support.

Your external networks may be wider than you think

You may ask: who are my external networks?


Here are a few examples of who you can empower to help grow your organisation through comprehensive e-learning training:

  • Partners
  • Customers
  • Resellers and franchisees
  • Dealerships
  • Members and volunteers
  • Friends and family
  • The general public

How can e-learning enable these audiences to grow your business?

Utilising your external network can be valuable in helping your organisation to achieve its goals in a variety of ways:

  • Investing in your external networks will improve their knowledge and skills. In return, they can use their improved skills to contribute better, quicker, cheaper, and more effective outcomes for your business.
  • If they are up-to-date with your developments and plans for the future, your external networks will align more closely with your organisational goals.
  • By training and certifying your external networks they will be more compliant and follow your processes and guidelines and meet your quality, security and safety standards.
  • Empowering and supporting your external audiences by training them will improve their skills and sense of engagement with your organisation.

By taking on board and implementing e-learning for your extended networks, you will grow your organisation as an extended Australian enterprise! imc Australia collaborates with our partner, Go1, to develop a case study to understand the benefits of this concept.

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Where wasted potential lurks for companies

Learn how to train your external partner network with a robust LMS and turn a learning curve into an earning curve.

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Multi Tenancy LMS Solutions

A multi-tenancy LMS is a single learning management system instance that serves various learner groups with differing training needs.


Ailbhe O'Dwyer
Business Development Manager