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Learning Strategies
Learning needs to be learned

Learning to learn: Get rid of learning types, come up with learning strategies!

The best learning strategies for a successful school period

Learning has to be learned! We learn all the time, throughout our lives. Sometimes learning happens by itself when it is about content that interests you. Other topics, however, are more difficult. Pupils and students in particular are faced with the challenge of learning what is on the agenda - this is not difficult with their favourite course, but even more so with other subjects. The right approach can help you to learn properly.


We are not talking about the classification according to learning types, which used to be popular to promote learning progress, but is no longer up-to-date. We are talking about strategies that help to learn learning. Learning strategies are methods that help to better process and consolidate knowledge. In our latest infographic, we have summarised which methods are available and how they can make the future learning outcome of students a complete success.


imc Infographic Learning strategies

Infographik of the Month: Learning Strategies

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The info graphic you can download for free as PDF.

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