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Learning platforms usually have to map a wide range of application scenarios and therefore look very generic. They serve a large number of different learners as an entry point for education and training on a wide range of topics. For special learning campaigns on important topics, many training managers therefore want their own platform. Preferably one that takes learners directly on an interactive learning journey. We have developed Learning Campaign Portals for this purpose. For campaigns and events that really make a difference.

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Create a portal that conveys your brand's values and identity.


Immerse learners in learning worlds to embed knowledge in a sustainable way.


Interactive elements and independent discovery increase motivation to learn.

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Immersive learning worlds for your campaign

The imc Learning Campaign Portals are interactive 2D or 3D landscapes that can be embedded in the LMS. Learners can explore the virtual world independently, interact with chatbots and access different learning content via jump-off markers. The portals are customised visually and in terms of content for your situation and your brand.

How our Customers use Learning Campaign Portals

Learning Campaign Portals are the best solution for events or campaigns that need to stand out from the rest and make a lasting impression. Our clients use them for deep change campaigns - for example, to drive cultural change or to familiarise new employees with the company's brand and values.

2D Portal for the Climate Action Day at Schaeffler

Schaeffler has set itself ambitious company-wide climate targets. To create a shared sense of the importance of climate protection, Climate Action Day was organised for all of the approximately 83,000 employees worldwide. The global Climate Action Day included about 4,000 workshops at around 200 locations. Matching learning content was made available via a 2D portal in the LMS. The portal served as an entry and orientation point for the learning contents and was accessible via an MS Teams channel as well as via the browser.

Festo Academy C-World in 3D

In the C-World of our customer Festo, learners enter the LMS via the 3D map and freely choose between six subject areas, each of which represents one of Festo's core competences. Chatbot Anna accompanies them as they explore the C-World. Gamification elements such as badges also increase motivation.

Onboarding: Immerse yourself in the brand

During the onboarding of new employees, you not only want to communicate important information, but also your values and company culture. A Learning Campaign Portal gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand perfectly. Your learners immerse themselves in your brand world via the 3D map and discover your corporate culture on their own.

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