Can cybersecurity training be both fun and effective?


Discover Cyber Crime Time, an exciting journey through IT security topics for all your employees.

Improve your level of cybercrime awareness and protect yourself from online threats.
Learn to recognise threats and take practical measures towards making yourself less vulnerable.
Deliver training that sticks – not just another boring training session that is already forgotten a few hours later.
Cyber Crime Time Christmas Special
Cyber Crime Time Xmas Special

Christmas time is cyber crime time: In keeping with the Christmas season, we have prepared a small special for you. Because even though it is the most wonderful time of the year for many, cybercrime is always present, even during the festive season. Try it out and test your knowledge with our X-MAS Cyber Crime Time Special.

A fresh approach to cybersecurity awareness

Do you need to raise your employees' awareness about cybersecurity, but find that conventional training programmes fall flat? Introducing Cyber Crime Time, a unique and engaging journey through a wide range of important cybersecurity topics. Shape your employees' learning journey by selecting cybersecurity modules that are relevant for protecting your organisation from cybercrime.

Game episode
working from home
cybercrime case
hot topics
Game episode
working from home
cybercrime case
hot topics
Cyber Crime Time – The Learning Journey
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content top 10 cyber attacks
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content mission
What We Cover
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content social engineering
Social Engineering
Amateurs hack systems. Professionals hack people.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content password
Secure Passwords
Measures to avoid passwords being cracked.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content phishing
A common and effective technique to steal confidential or personal data.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content home
Working from home
The average workplace at home isn’t as secure as a company office. Is yours?
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content malware
Malware & Ransomware
Software that harms or exploits computers, mobile devices, services, or networks.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon hacker
Identity fraud
Using another person’s basic personal details for an attack.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon wifi
Public wi-fi
People love free wi-fi. So do hackers.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon usb drive
Media dropping
What would you do if you found an abandoned flash drive?
“Make your staff your best asset by preventing cybersecurity incidents.”
What People Like
Through the easy and entertaining approach of the WBT Cyber Crime Time, we succeeded in bringing the topic of IT security to the attention of our employees in a playful way.
Thomas Grausam
Organisation & IT, Raiffeisen Campus
Cyber Crime Time is a great way to better understand complex cyber security content in a fun way and learn the right behaviour. The gamification approach makes learning an unforgettable experience and takes understanding to a new level. The positive feedback from employees confirms this!
Dominik Ivic
Information Security Specialist, VERBUND
Brilliant idea and brilliantly implemented. Definitely the best course on this topic that I have done so far. Taking on the role of a hacker was exciting and instructive - it makes it much easier to remember the learning content, and it's also fun!
Learner Feedback at Swiss Life
Frequently Asked Questions
Why a cyber crime awareness training?
The danger of cyber attacks is growing. As the world becomes digital in virtually everything – work, school, meetings, family gatherings – new opportunities arise for attackers.

Cyber Crime Time creates awareness of the dangers of cyber threats by placing you in the shoes of a hacker. You will learn about the most common attack techniques, how they work, and how to protect against them: From simple social engineering scams like phishing to more sophisticated cyber security attacks like ransomware attacks or other malware designed to steal intellectual property or personal data.

You will see that the best way to protect yourself from hackers is to temporarily become one.
Cyber attacks aren’t fun, so why make it a game?
Nobody wants to read a book about cyber security. You want to understand the basic principles and how they apply to your day-to-day life. Security awareness should be fun — not just another boring training session that you will forget a few hours later. Cyber Crime Time uses game design techniques like storytelling and a playful environment to draw you into the topic.
Is the learning journey available in my language?
The learning journey is available in English and German. If you are a business user and you need another language for your staff, please speak to us about localisation options.
What topics are included in the training?
Cyber Crime Time is fun and exciting cyber security awareness training that helps you to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber attacks.

The learning journey covers the most common cyberattacks, such as social engineering, secure passwords, phishing, working from home, malware and ransomware, identity fraud, public wi-fi, and media dropping.
What are the technical requirements for the learning journey?
The learning journey can be used on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (latest two versions). Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Mac: Safari (latest two versions).
  • Android: Chrome (latest two versions).
  • iOS: Safari (latest two versions).
For the best experience, make sure you are running the latest version of your browser.

Don’t forget to turn on your audio.
Can it be integrated in our LMS?
Yes, it can be integrated in all learning management systems (LMS) that support SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2 (business licenses only).

Don’t have an LMS? Not a problem. Business users get a personal account for each learner to access Cyber Crime Time via our cloud-based learning portal.
Cyber Crime Time – The Learning Journey