Advanced training solutions for the transport industry

Navigate the future of transportation training with advanced and highly flexible learning technology, content and strategy 
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Enterprise training for the transportation industry

Embark on transportation excellence with imc's advanced training technologies, tailored enterprise learning content, and strategic learning & development approaches. We can help guide your workforce and extended partners to unparalleled success. imc offers flexible, blended learning management, seamless IT integration, and tools for creating engaging experiences.  At the tech-learning crossroads, we empower you to drive performance and compliance. 

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Flexible training management

Streamline administration tasks with a highly flexible and configurable system to match your organisational needs. 

Extended enterprise

Transform training at dealerships with a fully configurable enterprise platform offering flexible learning management, learner progress tracking, and skills & competencies analysis. 

Effective onboarding and compliance

Ensure compliance with diverse regulations through easy global certification and recertification management to mitigate risk.  

Custom content creation

Realise the full potential of your people with strategic content designed to enhance your organisation's specific onboarding and training needs. 

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Self-directed and independent learning at UNIQA

Find out how KiwiRail replaced inefficient, inflexible and ageing training systems with a single LMS catering to over 5,000 learners .

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Taking flight with blended learning at Lufthansa

Discover Lufthansa's success in moving its entire curriculum for flight attendant training to a blended learning concept with the imc Learning Suite.

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Playful knowledge transfer at Linde

Learn how Linde Material Handling developed a virtual learning environment in the form of a serious game. 

imc Learning Suite

An optimal platform for training in transportation

The imc Learning Suite is a robust platform tailored for intricate transportation training needs. It serves as an adaptable foundation for both internal and external programs within the transportation industry. Effectively oversee training content, monitor learner advancement, and assess training impact across crucial skills and competencies. Tailor your learning management, tracking, and reporting to seamlessly align with the specific requirements of your transportation business or network structure. 

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imc Express

The power of rapid elearning content creation

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Whether your training requirements revolve around local transportation markets or span the global landscape, imc Express helps you deliver enjoyable and engaging learning content perfectly aligned with your organisation's needs. Harness the knowledge of your network's transportation experts to develop customised courses. Showcase your organisation's existing expertise and insights in a user-friendly and impactful format through imc Express, the integrated AI-powered content creation tool designed specifically for enterprise. 

imc Studios

Strategic alignment for success in transportation learning

Drive your enterprise learning success forward with confidence by teaming up with imc Studios. Our team of learning experts specialises in addressing the distinctive needs of the transportation industry. Our seasoned consultants offer expert guidance, shaping impactful and enjoyable learning content based on effective learning methods. Let us assist you in aligning your learning initiatives seamlessly with your overall business strategy. 


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