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Talent development with imc: accelerate skills acquisition and empower your employees for organisational growth.
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Empowering talent at leading brands

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"We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side." 




"Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice." 


"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people." 




" For this WBT, we received very favourable feedback from our employees!" 


Talent development for success

At imc, we understand the importance of having the right skills and talent to navigate fast-developing industries. Your employees' growth directly drives the growth of your business. Just like a well-tended garden, nurturing employee development is essential for the flourishing of your organisation. To that end, imc offers you highly flexible talent development strategies to propel your employees and business towards success. Make the switch today and implement cutting-edge tools and personalised learning experiences to empower your employees to thrive, acquire new skills, and advance in their careers. 

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Adaptive learning experiences

Tailor content suggestions based on employee preferences, business objectives, and various other factors to meet individualised learning needs. 


Flexible career paths

Design distinctive career trajectories and recommend pertinent coursework to assist employees in acquiring the skills necessary for career advancement. 


Smart skills analysis

Gain valuable insights into the direct impact of learning programmes on enhancing employee skills by integrating training and organisational requirements. 

Identify training potential

Generate insightful reports to pinpoint top talent in specific skill sets, enabling targeted assignment of training programmes and maximise growth potential. 

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Ensuring high quality across Hansgrohe's global operations

Discover how a leading retailer implemented a best-in-breed learning platform to ensure its 5,400 global employees deliver the highest level of customer service.

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60 training courses in just 1 month at Aprendio

Aprendio created 60 training courses in less than 1 month with a smart content generation tool.  

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The Commonwealth Games trains 50,000 in record time

A global sporting event delivered essential training to 50,000 users, with more than 20,000 learners trained within the first 16 days.   

imc Learning Suite

Smart technologies, better talent development

Comprehensive talent development encompasses more than just training – it necessitates flexible skills training and self-directed learning. The imc Learning Suite goes beyond traditional learning management systems (LMS) by allowing administrators to strategically assign courses to specific target groups, establish clear end points, and implement efficient escalation processes, alerts, validation, and reporting. Go beyond job titles to foster a culture of continual upskilling and cross-skilling at your organisation. 

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imc Express

Rapid and decentralised elearning creation

Cultivate talent development seamlessly through rapid and decentralised elearning content creation across your organization with imc Express, the AI-powered e-learning creation tool. Effortlessly generate custom learning content, ensuring all staff members are ability to learn across highly relevant functional areas. With imc Express, easily modify courses across multiple languages with a simple click, empowering your teams, departments, and subsidiaries with on-brand skill training rooted in in-house expertise.  

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imc Studios

Flexible and tailored skills training

Take a strategic approach to talent and skills development with imc Studios. Transforming traditional enterprise training into an integral aspect of your organisational learning culture, imc Studios specialises in creating engaging and exciting learning materials. Elevate your training efforts by delivering content that captivates learners, facilitating effective learning, retention, and application of the latest knowledge in their day-to-day tasks. Encourage a proactive and personalized learning environment within your organisation. 


Take talent development to the next level at your organisation

If you're interested in enhancing your compliance training and offer exceptional learning experiences, get in touch. 


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