Effective training to drive sales growth

Empower your sales teams with powerful enterprise learning platforms, content, and strategies to enhance their selling abilities.



Successful sales training for top companies


"We're thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side." 


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"Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice." 


Optimise the onboarding of new salespeople

Make sure new sales hires can access onboarding materials, learn about company culture, and get up to speed on product knowledge and sales processes.

Upskill and drive consistent quality

Evaluate the knowledge and skills of your sales reps, integrate gamification, and award certifications upon successful completion of specific training modules. 

Identify and close skills gaps

 Get insights into learning progress, assessment scores, and engagement metrics and help identify areas for improvement for maximum business impact. 

Provide learning that sticks

Create and manage various types of customised content, such as elearning modules, videos, quizzes and interactive materials for engaging, effective training.


Ensuring high quality across Hansgrohe's global operations

Discover how a leading retailer implemented a best-in-breed learning platform to ensure its 5,400 global employees deliver the highest level of customer service. 

State-of-the-art online product training at Villeroy & Boch

The ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Boch successfully trained around 400 sales representatives worldwide for a trade fair by leveraging the latest in online learning.


jagermeister screenshot

How Jägermeister created a blended learning masterpiece

Simply sharing product knowledge is not enough, it must also be packaged just right to reach all learner target groups –  learn form a sophisticated blended learning scenario.  


imc Learning Suite

Manage your sales training at scale

Take your sales training to the next level with imc Learning Suite, the fully integrated enterprise learning platform offering a comprehensive collection of flexible features designed to boost your sales training programmes. Equip your salespeople with the keys to success, arming them with the product knowledge and skills they need. Effortlessly create learning journeys and track training content tailored to your company's unique offerings, enabling your team to unlock their full potential and engage clients with the finesse of a skilled negotiator.  

imc Express

Create highly relevant sales learning content

imc Express, our AI-powered elearning creation tool helps you generate highly relevant and personalised sales training. By tapping into the knowledge of your subject matter experts, it acts as a skilled salesperson who knows all the tricks of the trade. With imc Express, you can rapidly generate onboarding and skills training content, automating 80% of your elearning creation efforts using engaging and effective training methodologies. Ensure a seamless and successful learning experience for all your sales reps, regardless of specific needs, language requirements, or global location. 

imc Studios

Implement a perfect sales training strategy

To optimise your training efforts, we help you implement a holistic strategy that encompasses boosting engagement with customised learning content, tracking learning, and evaluating impact. This comprehensive approach enables you to succeed in your L&D goals and empowers you to gauge the effectiveness of your membership training programmes. By embracing this inclusive training approach, you can foster continuous growth and improvement within your organisation. 


Looking for one-stop solution to train your sales teams?

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