Transformative retail training

Enhance customer service and staff retention with targeted retail training on skills, product, and compliance for seasonal and full-time employees
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Empowering global retail through transformative learning & development


Boost employee retention and ensure customer service excellence

At imc, we help you reduce employee turnover rates by streamlining your training provision for new hires, seasonal workers, and top-performing employees. With the right tools, content, and approach, we can provide you with the best strategies for training a diverse retail workforce. We assist you in developing transformative retail training with consistent and relevant programmes across multiple locations. 

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Train and retain

Automate your management of initial training from a fully integrated platform, while enhancing the retention of current employees through upskilling. 


Streamline your training management

Maximise your training budgets and allocate resources more effectively with a fully integrated training platform. 


Scale your training provision with flexibility

Provides you employees with the flexibility to access online, blended and in-person training materials anytime, anywhere.  


Increase learner engagement

Making the training experience more enjoyable and effective with highly engaging and up-to-date learning content. 

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Ensuring high quality across Hansgrohe's global operations

Discover how a leading retailer implemented a best-in-breed learning platform to ensure its 5,400 global employees deliver the highest level of customer service. 

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State-of-the-art online product training at Villeroy & Boch

The ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Boch successfully trained around 400 sales representatives worldwide for a trade fair by leveraging the latest in online learning.

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How Jägermeister created a blended learning masterpiece

Simply sharing product knowledge is not enough, it must also be packaged just right to reach all learner target groups – learn form a sophisticated blended learning scenario.

imc Learning Suite

Elevate service standards with a flexible learning platform

The imc Learning Suite offers you a highly flexible platform for retail training, whether you're onboarding temporary workers, ensuring consistent product knowledge among employees at different site, or seeking to retain current staff.


Manage online, offline and blended training content and offer fully configurable learning journeys that fit in with your learners' training requirements. The learning platform integrates fully into your existing IT landscape with options for customised portals and full analytics for each of your business units.   

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imc Express

Custom retail and off-the-shelf learning modules

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Whether your training needs are specific to a local marketplace or have a global reach, we are here to assist you in stocking your retail organisation with enjoyable and captivating learning materials that are precisely designed for your needs. Utilise the skills of your network's workers who specialise in the subject matter to craft personalized courses using a state-of-the-art elearning content creation tool powered by AI.

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imc Studios

Expert guidance for achieving your retail training goals

Achieve your retail training goals with confidence by partnering with imc Studios. Our team of learning experts understands the unique needs of the retail sector. Think of us as your retail training stylist, helping you create training initiatives that will keep your staff engaged and motivated. We offer blended learning journeys that combine online and onsite training methods. Our range of learning solutions includes game-based learning, social learning, customized learning journeys, learning quizzes, conversational learning, virtual classrooms, and 2/3D maps. 


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