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Scalable learning solutions for government agencies

Explore flexible, scalable, and engaging learning solutions designed for the unique training needs of government organisations. Our learning technologies provide unmatched scalability and seamless integration into any IT landscape, ensuring compatibility with various systems. Immerse your workforce in an innovative learning experience through an AI-powered content creation tool that streamlines course development and enhances engagement. Enhance training with off-the-shelf courses on compliance and IT security, delivering informative and enjoyable content for employees. At imc, we help public sector organizations in offering transformative training management and learning experiences. 

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Centralise your training management

Manage training programmes across various departments and levels, ensuring standardized and consistent delivery of training initiatives.

Streamline your compliance training

Ensure adherence to rigorous standards and regulatory requirements through a structured framework for creating, delivering, and tracking mandatory training modules. 


Provide exciting learning materials

Address your specific training needs with custom and award-winning off-the-shelf learning modules that will excite your learners. 

Benefit from advanced learning analytics

Enhance performance management by tracking organisational training to enable data-driven decision-making.  

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Unified onboarding at the Dept of Health & Human Service

Discover how imc implemented a modern, mobile-first and highly successful orientation experience for new hires at The Department of Health and Human Services of Victoria. 


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Cultivating leadership culture at the Commission for Children & Young People

Discover how a Human-Centred Design approach enabled the creation of a meaningful training experience that responds, understands, and values the perspectives of learners. 

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A comprehensive induction at the Green Climate Fund

Find out how the Green Climate Fund created award-winning learning experiences for its new starters thanks to a novel learning experience framework. 

imc Learning Suite

Unified success with a scalable multi-tenant platform for large institutions

imc Learning Suite offers you a leading enterprise learning platform tailored for larger organisations, including government agencies. Our innovative multi-tenancy feature addresses the needs of organisations with siloed teams or third-party bodies. Avoiding inconsistent user experiences and duplicate work, it provides separate LMS instances for individual tenant sites. Ideal for government departments and training groups, this solution offers unique logins, branding, and course structures.  

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imc Express

Tailored training courses for unique needs

Whether your training requirements are intricate and specific to a complex departmental agency or extend across your institution, we specialise in helping you deliver captivating and customised learning content perfectly aligned with your unique needs. Leverage the insights of your subject matter experts to craft personalised courses tailored to the complexities of your operations. Harness the power of imc Express, an integrated AI-powered content creation tool for eLearning, to present your existing expertise and knowledge in an accessible and effective format. 

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imc Studios

Expert guidance on training for public sector organisations

Improve the impact of your learning and development by partnering with imc Studios. Our team of seasoned learning experts is attuned to the distinctive requirements of public sector agencies. Expert consultants with extensive experience will offer guidance in crafting impactful and enjoyable learning programmes, grounded in key performance indicators (KPIs). We can help you aligning your learning initiatives with the overarching strategy of your operational objectives, ensuring a holistic and engaging approach to training.  


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