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Master the art of onboarding: attract, retain, and boost the productivity of your people
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Thoughtful onboarding for global brands


"We're thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side." 


"imc has been a very constructive, pleasant and reliable partner to work with." 


"imc allowed us to create a learning platform for over 50,000 people." 

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"We're especially thrilled with the imc team, whose time, effort, and abilities have made this partnership a success."

Foster employee loyalty and long-term success with the right tailored onboarding

Well-executed onboarding programmes offer numerous benefits for both global brands and their new employees.


They ensure a smooth transition into a new role, enhance employee engagement, nurture a positive company culture, and ultimately increase your business productivity and the job satisfaction of employees.


Whatever your desired outcome, we help you get your onboarding just right. 

Onboard employees faster

Automate your management and monitoring of engaging onboarding experiences from a unified and fully integrated platform.

Boost employee productivity

Increase productivity among new team members by instilling a strong sense of purpose and alignment with your organisation's goals and values.  

Engage new hires from the start

Create a sense of belonging and encourage new team members to quickly acclimatise to their roles and your company culture.

Raise training standards

Enhance your onboarding programmes to improve organisational processes and the integration of new starters across your organisation.


Next-level blended onboarding at Vodafone

Discover how a state-of-the-art blended learning programme empowered new employees, delivered measurable impacts, and led to a resounding business success at Vodafone. 

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A masterclass in line with the Jägermeister brand

Learn how Jägermeister combined an LMS and blended learning to deliver a masterpiece in brand-focused onboarding that doesn't evening feel like learning.

A comprehensive induction at Green Climate Fund

Find out how the Green Climate Fund created award-winning learning experiences for its new starters thanks to a novel learning experience framework. 

imc Learning Suite

Your centralised onboarding portal

Create automated and customisable onboarding workflows tailored to the needs of each of your new hires, departments, or subsidiaries.


imc Learning Suite offers you a fully configurable learning platform with powerful learning analytics and seamless integration into your HR systems.


Track the progress of new hires, identify any areas requiring training, and offer personalised and interactive multimedia-based learning journeys. 

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imc Express

Personalised and ready-to-use onboarding resources for global brands

Provide premium off-the-shelf training content for diverse onboarding programmes, such as our modular learning journey through key cybersecurity topics.


And unlock the untapped potential of hundreds of subject matter experts already within your organisation with imc Express the smart AI-powered elearning creation tool.


Whatever the specific onboarding needs, local language, or global location, give your new hires a quick and successful start.  

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Brand-focused experiences for new starters

Create an emotional bond with your brand and inspire new employees with your shared values and goals.


Our strategic consulting helps you develop brand-focused, customised onboarding experiences to fit your specific business needs.


Using proven methodologies, we design enjoyable training that ensure the long-term retention of knowledge, boosting your confidence in the onboarding process.


Looking for onboarding strategies that empower and value your people?

Get in touch with us to discuss your onboarding goals and challenges.
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