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Training and skills development for the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing industry is rapidly changing due to automation and digitisation. To stay competitive and keep up with this transformation, it is crucial for companies to invest in training and closing skill gaps. Our training solutions are designed to equip your organization with the skills needed to thrive in an automated world. We understand the unique challenges of the manufacturing industry, and our customizable learning platforms allow you to tailor training for different audiences and extend it to external stakeholders. 

Upskill and cross-skill your workforce

Scale and standardise your global learning and training processes for consistent and high-quality training experiences across geographical locations. 

Retain and engage all talents

Get comprehensive data insights to track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps and optimise training efficacy. 


Deliver rapid training to adapt quickly

Implement robust certification and automatic re-certification processes to ensure your employees stay compliant and up-to-date.


Ensure consistent high quality

Keep staff up to date with rapid, highly targeted, and localised elearning content generation across multiple languages.  


A centralised repository for knowledge-sharing at Exel Composites

How a global technology manufacturer implemented a centralised training repository for all its processes and instructions. 


Fraud City screenshot

Audi's unique take on compliance training for 90,000 employees

Styled after 'Sin City', Audi's innovative compliance training captivated employees with its corrupt city theme while effectively teaching how to detect fraud. 

BSH trains technical support workers to high standards across 50 countries

Technical customer support workers trained the same high standards, plus €10 million saved in costs thanks to imc.  

imc Learning Suite

A versatile platform to streamline your training management

The imc Learning Suite is perfectly designed for the manufacturing industry. It is suitable for both single manufacturing plants and multiple locations and partners globally. Our flexible enterprise learning platform can scale to meet your demands. With a global approach, you can maintain consistent quality and standards, ensuring a unified learning experience across all regions. In addition to allowing for versatile programmes of online and blended learning, the platform prioritises harmonious integration with your existing IT and employee systems, resulting in effortless and seamless training management. 


imc Express

Save time and resources with decentralised elearning creation

Promote the decentralised creation of elearning content by your subject matter experts to empower your manufacturing workforce. imc Express helps large manufacturing companies keep and update their skilled workforces with high-quality training courses. Generate engaging elearning courses quickly from existing expertise and knowledge. imc Express, the AI-powered authoring tool for enterprise learning, lets you adapt quickly to new processes, automation, and digitisation through high-quality elearning content that can be created by anyone in your organisation.  

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imc Studios

Learning expertise to improve training outcomes and increase productivity

At imc Studios, we specialise in guiding and supporting manufacturing companies in upskilling and retaining workers for complex new and automated processes.

Our dedicated learning experts understand the automotive industry challenges and offer tailored solutions to empower your workforce and achieve your learning goals. Our consultants develop impactful learning programmes and customised content that aligns with your business processes, learning KPIs and business strategy.


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