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Skills and training to safeguard financial firms


High-quality training solutions for the global financial services industry

We help global institutions scale and standardise learning and development (L&D) processes, ensuring consistent, high-quality training experiences for their learners worldwide. Financial services firms are automating training certification and recertification processes to ensure compliance. With advanced analytics, they track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and optimise training programmes. Many financial institutions keep employees informed of regulatory changes with rapid, targeted content generated in multiple languages. But whatever your unique training needs, imc can help you maximise your L&D budget. 

High-quality training at scale

Scale and standardise your global learning and training processes for consistent and high-quality training experiences across geographical locations. 


Advanced learning analytics

Get comprehensive data insights to track learner progress, identify knowledge gaps and optimise training efficacy. 


Automated certification and recertification

Implement robust certification and automatic re-certification processes to ensure your employees stay compliant and up-to-date.


Effective and localised elearning content

Keep staff up to date with rapid, highly targeted, and localised elearning content generation across multiple languages.  


Self-directed and independent learning at UNIQA

As a trusted provider to UNIQA for over 20 years, imc facilitates the creation of self-explanatory, multimedia-based, and interactive learning content.

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Audi's unique take on compliance training for 90,000 employees

Styled after 'Sin City', Audi's innovative compliance training captivated employees with its corrupt city theme while effectively teaching how to detect fraud. 

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60 training courses in just 1 month at Aprendio

Aprendio created 60 training courses in less than 1 month with a smart content generation tool.  

imc Learning Suite

A unified but flexible enterprise learning platform

The imc Learning Suite is the flexible enterprise learning platform that scales to meet your organisation's needs, whether you operate locally or globally. Our global approach ensures a unified learning experience, eliminating discrepancies in training quality and content across regions with consistent certification of your workforce worldwide. As well comprehensive learning analytics the platform priorities harmonious integration with your existing IT and employee systems to ensure effortless and seamless training management. 


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imc Express

Effortlessly ensure regulatory compliance

Generate custom learning content quickly with imc Express, the AI-powered elearning creation tool. Ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly and keep staff up to date across regions by modifying courses in multiple languages with a click. Empower teams, departments, and subsidiaries with on-brand compliance courses. imc Express lets you tap into subject matter experts across your institution to create custom courses rapidly whenever needed. 

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imc Studios

Your partner in enterprise learning for financial services

imc Studios specialises in expert guidance and support for financial services companies. Our team of learning experts understands the unique challenges in this industry. We offer tailored solutions to help you achieve your enterprise learning goals. Our consultants develop impactful and enjoyable learning programmes aligned with your training KPIs and your overall business strategy. 


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