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Fast-track your success with enterprise training platforms, strategies, and resources designed for automotive companies and their partner networks
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Proven technologies, content, and strategies for enterprise training across automotive networks

By leveraging the latest technologies and the right training strategies, you can ensure your employees receive effective training that aligns with the fast-paced and evolving nature of the auto industry. imc can help as your expert and trusted automotive learning & development partner. 


Whether you're rolling extended enterprise training at dealerships, onboarding new starters, or seeking to retain top talent, imc offers bespoke and cutting-edge solutions trusted by global automotive leaders. 

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Onboard, retain, and upskill

Automate your management of onboarding experiences from a fully integrated platform, while enhancing the retention of current employees through upskilling.

Train partners and dealerships

Transform training at dealerships with a fully configurable enterprise platform offering flexible learning management, learner progress tracking, and skills & competencies analysis.

Deliver exciting learning experience

Address your specific training needs with custom automotive and award-winning off-the-shelf learning modules that will excite your learner.

Choose the right training strategy

Realise the full potential of your people with strategic consulting designed to enhance onboarding, training, and knowledge retention.

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A courageous concept for compliance training at Audi

Styled after 'Sin City', Audi's innovative compliance training captivates employees with its corrupt city theme while effectively teaching how to detect fraud. 

Ronal group

Efficient automotive training for both white and blue-collar employees

The RONAL GROUP implemented an LMS streamline processes and administer cross-departmental training with an enterprise-wide blended learning strategy for all employees.  

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A day of worldwide collaborative learning at Schaeffler

Schaeffler engaged its global employees in a Climate Action Day, which nominated for a Learning Technologies Award, demonstrates the effectiveness of collaborative learning. 

imc Learning Suite

A versatile enterprise learning platform

The imc Learning Suite is a powerful platform for complex automotive training scenarios. It serves as a flexible foundation for internal and external programmes.


Manage training content, track learner progress, and analyse training effectiveness across skills and competencies. Fully customise your learning management, tracking, and reporting to align with your business or network structure. 

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imc Express

Custom automotive learning modules

Whether your training needs are specific to a local market or global in scope, we can help you offer your learners fun and engaging learning content that's perfectly tailored to your organisation's needs.


Tap into the expertise of your network's subject matter experts to create customised courses or deliver exciting ready-made training content, such as a comprehensive modular learning journey covering essential cybersecurity topics. 

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imc Studios

Expert guidance for strategic and impactful learning from your automotive learning partner

Achieve your enterprise learning goals with confidence by partnering with imc Studios.


As your automotive learning & development partner, we understand the unique needs of the automotive sector. Our experienced consultants will provide expert guidance in developing impactful and enjoyable learning programmes based on KPIs and assist you in aligning your learning initiatives with your overall business strategy.  


Want to empower your automotive workforce?

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