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About the LMS Health Check

Does your learning platform align with your organisation's training needs and requirements? 


Whatever the shape your enterprise training provision, the industry survey below aims to assess how effectively you're using your LMS. Complete 5-minute survey and get a free tailored consultation from one of our learning experts. 

The extended learning platform for partner training at auto dealerships

imc Learning Suite is a highly flexible and adaptable solution for global auto companies looking to train partners, suppliers, and dealerships.

couple shown around car dealership
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The imc Learning Suite is built from the ground up for configurability. You're in complete control with highly flexible and pre-configured settings across the whole platform. Adjust the configuration to match the complexity of your partner training at auto dealerships 

The right support for the auto sector

Integrating a LMS into your wider auto dealership model offers true value by seamlessly incorporating learners into a standardised culture and processes. The key to success lies in a user-friendly implementation.

Secure, reliable and scalable

The platform integrates with your employee management systems thanks to a broad set of integration possibilities, including the open web services API. We take a standard approach where possible, encompassing SCORM, xAPI, SCIM, LTI, and flat files, and can explore other integration possibilities with you. 

A digital learning suite built for automotive partner training

The best LMS to consolidate your extended enterprise learning

A powerful platform for training your partners and dealerships

imc Learning Suite serves as the flexible foundation for your training programmes inhouse and with partners.

  • Engaging, multimedia-rich training experiences that can be tailored to your unique needs and objectives.
  • Easy creation and management of training content, learner progress tracking, and training effectiveness analysis.
  • Customise your learning management, tracking and reporting to align with your business structure.


A perfect match for decentralised IT landscapes 

By deploying a user data integration connector, you can not only connect the imc Learning Suite to other systems in your IT landscape but also automate user management. There are many possibilities and opportunities here, including options: 

  • Automatically create, update, activate and deactivate users in your LMS. 
  • Connect the LMS to HR systems, payroll systems such as Workday, and CRM systems such as Salesforce. 
  • Analyse learning data in conjunction with business data to track the impact of learning and development in partner companies. 


Perfect enterprise training at global auto brands
"Compliance training is always a tricky subject. For this WBT though, we received very favourable feedback!"
Laura Schumacher

Partner training at auto dealerships:
Everything you need to know about training external partners

Want to know about training your external networks of partners and dealerships? Download our full guide to extended enterprise training.

Need to expand your extended enterprise training to partners and dealerships?

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and share your global LMS requirements. Our team can help you find the perfect solution to train your external partners.

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Looking for your next LMS?

Impress your approval board and senior management team with our comprehensive business case framework for acquiring an LMS 

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How to successfully convince your stakeholders of your next LMS

Your 5-step LMS business case guide

Don't let lack of preparation and understanding be the reason why your Learning Management System (LMS) project fails. Get your project on the right track from day one with our free e-book to guide you through the business case process. 

Our BASIC business case method goes beyond simply justifying the needs for an LMS and helps you plan for successful implementation. Our guide covers the following steps: 

  • Background information 
  • Analysis of stakeholder needs 
  • Solution comparisons 
  • Implementation process 
  • Cost/benefit analysis 


Download our free guide now to ensure the success of your LMS project. 


colleagues discussing LMS

Top 5 tips for implementing your LMS project 


Assign change champions

Assemble a team of people to spearhead the learning transformation process with the new LMS platform. 

Communicate the value to learners

Adoption is key - learners need to know what's in it for them. 

Communication is king

A clear internal communication campaign is key to the successful implementation. 

Use a multi-channel approach

A multi-channel communications approach can reach more people, faster. 

Take it right to the top

Use a CEO introduction video to launch and promote adoption of the new platform. 

Get the ultimate guide to presenting your LMS business case

Download your free copy of our Business Case now and smooth your path to LMS approval with our proven five-step stakeholder engagement plan.
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Choosing the right LMS

Select a new LMS that's just right for your organisation
laptop with LMS icons surrounding it

Launching your new LMS: 4 priorities, 10 steps.

Top priorities for enterprise learning

Effective learning is more than just acquiring knowledge and skills. It's about motivating learners to achieve their goals. In developing our imc Learning Suite platform, we take guidance from HR Analyst Fosway, who asked companies about their top priorities when it comes to enterprise learning: 

  • Alignment: Learning content needs to be relevant to the learner's roles, skills gaps, or business goals.  
  • User experience (UX): A visually appealing 'look & feel' helps engaging learners. 
  • Customisation: Clever content curation caters to different learning styles and personalises the learning process. 
  • Learning journeys: Structured learning programmes help ensure learners progress effectively and efficiently. 


colleagues discussing LMS
colleagues discussing LMS
colleagues discussing LMS

A new LMS in 10 steps:

  1. Plan out your training content and user interfaces tailored to your target groups.
  2. Make a record of your SMART project objectives – in concrete, measurable figures, so you can clearly monitor progress – and assign resources and responsibilities.
  3. Integrate the system into your IT infrastructure, such as your existing HR systems.
  4. Train your LMS administrators and develop content creation guidelines
  5. Put together a team of communication and data protection experts, IT specialists, professional development managers and representatives of the learning target groups.
  6. Conduct a test phase with a representative user group.
  7. Collect feedback and refine.
  8. Plan your internal communications and system tutorials.
  9. Promote the go-live with internal fanfare on the day.
  10. Gather continual feedback, monitor the achievement of your objectives, and adjust if necessary.

RfP requirements template for a new LMS

Assuming you're familiar with the key functions of an LMS, you can start working on your list of RfP requirements. To create an effective list of requirements, consider incorporating your main criteria for deciding on an LMS provider.  

Our free requirements template aims to be a valuable aid in finding the right provider for you in the 'jungle' of providers. You can easily extend and adapt the template to fit your specific needs and requirements. 

Get free expert advice on evaluating a new LMS

Book a bespoke consultation with our team of learning experts to receive tailored advice on choosing the right choice of LMS for your organisation.

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The most flexible and advanced LMS for enterprise

Get full configurability with imc Learning Suite – the #1 integrated LMS built to suit the needs of leading global brands. 

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settings LMS
Settings for every use case

The imc Learning Suite is built from the ground up for configurability. You're in complete control with highly flexible and pre-configured settings across the whole platform. Adjust the configuration to match the complexity of your programmeswith options for everything from any kind of notification trigger to auto-enrolments on courses and dynamic learner groups based on user attributes and logical operators (and/or) 

LMS Focus
A hyperfocus on learning

imc is solely focused on learning and takes a best-of-breed approach to increasing engagement, driving your learners to learn more. Our award-winning inhouse design agency is integrated into our learning platform's development, giving your learners the industry's best user and learning experiences, thanks to widest range of options and LMS features. 

LMS Data integration
Workforce data integration

The platform integrates with your employee management systems thanks to a broad set of integration possibilities, including the open web services API. We take a standard approach where possible, encompassing SCORM, xAPI, SCIM, LTI, and flat files, and can explore other integration possibilities with you. 

imc Learning Suite

The best LMS to consolidate your corporate training
imc LMS Modules

A powerful platform for all your organisation's L&D  

The imc Learning Suite serves as the foundation for your entire organisation's L&D programmes. It allows you to effortlessly create a bespoke learning environment that caters to an array of enterprise training needs and accommodates the whole range of learning approaches.  

  • Enhance your training provision and simplify your processes for everyone. 
  • Customise your learning management, tracking and reporting to align with your organisational structure with fully decentralised administration. 
  • Offer the full range of flexible learning options including online, blended, mobile, and adaptive learning to cater the needs of your employees and departments. 


Screenshot of the imc LMS

A seamless match for your IT landscape 

By deploying a user data integration connector, you can not only connect the imc Learning Suite to other systems in your IT landscape but also automate user management. There are many possibilities and opportunities here, including options: 

  • Automatically create, update, activate and deactivate users in your LMS. 
  • Connect your LMS to HR systems, payroll systems such as Workday, and CRM systems such as Salesforce. 
  • Analyse learning data in conjunction with business data to track the impact of learning and development on your company's performance. 


Haley Roach, Workforce Training Manager, Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
"imc were very agile with us, which allowed us to create an engaging learning platform for over 50,000 people, in a very short space of time."
Hayley Roach
Workforce Training Manager
Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games
Philipp Terstesse, Manager Global Trade Marketing, Jägermeister
"Our goal was to create a learning experience that takes a new approach and motivates learners. The learner and employee experience were extremely important to us. We are thrilled to have a strong partner in imc who will stay by our side as we embark on this journey into the future together."
Philipp Terstesse
Manager Global Trade Marketing
Mast-Jägermeister SE
Jasmin Garango, Hansgrohe
"Our main criterion was to give our employees a fast, bureaucracy-free appointments booking system. Quite simply, the imc Learning Suite was the perfect choice."
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE

Want to streamline your L&D provision?

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and share your organisation's LMS requirements. Our team can help you find the perfect solution that fits your unique needs! 

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Learning Campaign Portal
The center of your L&D campaigns

Bring your change campaign to life with Learning Campaign Portals

Learning platforms usually have to map a wide range of application scenarios and therefore look very generic. They serve a large number of different learners as an entry point for education and training on a wide range of topics. For special learning campaigns on important topics, many training managers therefore want their own platform. Preferably one that takes learners directly on an interactive learning journey. We have developed Learning Campaign Portals for this purpose. For campaigns and events that really make a difference.

Icon representing Easy Creation

Create a portal that conveys your brand's values and identity.


Immerse learners in learning worlds to embed knowledge in a sustainable way.


Interactive elements and independent discovery increase motivation to learn.

learning portal example

Immersive learning worlds for your campaign

The imc Learning Campaign Portals are interactive 2D or 3D landscapes that can be embedded in the LMS. Learners can explore the virtual world independently, interact with chatbots and access different learning content via jump-off markers. The portals are customised visually and in terms of content for your situation and your brand.

How our Customers use Learning Campaign Portals

Learning Campaign Portals are the best solution for events or campaigns that need to stand out from the rest and make a lasting impression. Our clients use them for deep change campaigns - for example, to drive cultural change or to familiarise new employees with the company's brand and values.

2D Portal for the Climate Action Day at Schaeffler

Schaeffler has set itself ambitious company-wide climate targets. To create a shared sense of the importance of climate protection, Climate Action Day was organised for all of the approximately 83,000 employees worldwide. The global Climate Action Day included about 4,000 workshops at around 200 locations. Matching learning content was made available via a 2D portal in the LMS. The portal served as an entry and orientation point for the learning contents and was accessible via an MS Teams channel as well as via the browser.

Festo Academy C-World in 3D

In the C-World of our customer Festo, learners enter the LMS via the 3D map and freely choose between six subject areas, each of which represents one of Festo's core competences. Chatbot Anna accompanies them as they explore the C-World. Gamification elements such as badges also increase motivation.

Onboarding: Immerse yourself in the brand

During the onboarding of new employees, you not only want to communicate important information, but also your values and company culture. A Learning Campaign Portal gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand perfectly. Your learners immerse themselves in your brand world via the 3D map and discover your corporate culture on their own.

Contact us

We're ready for your change campaign

We want to implement training campaigns with you that inspire. Contact us so that we can bring your project to life together.

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Put together the Learning Journey you need to protect your organisation from cyber attacks.

The Game Episode #1

In the game, learners are hired as hackers to steal company secrets. The target of the attack is Slurp Corp, known for their popular energy drink SLURP. Players have a variety of attack techniques at their disposal to steal the recipe for SLURP. The game explains the types of cyberattacks and how to protect against them.

Phishing Detection Booster

Can your employees spot when they’re being phished? In our Phishing Detection Booster, they have to decide for each message if it’s fake or legitimate.

Working from Home

The average workplace at home isn’t as secure as a company office. “Working from home” makes learners aware of the specific cyber security threats and how to avoid them.

Readiness Check

Assess your employees’ cybercrime readiness, identify knowledge gaps and provide personalised feedback.

cybercrime case
The Mysterious Cybercrime Case

Some security breaches are easy to track down, but it’s the ones who go uncaught and unidentified that are actually the most interesting. In this part of the journey, learners have to solve a mysterious case.

hot topics
Hot Topics

Cyber security is a fast-moving sector with new threats emerging every day. The ‘Hot Topics’ series explores these trends in short videos and content nuggets.

Create your learning journey
Book an appointment with us to get started.
add-ons illustration
LMS Add-ons
Customise the imc Learning Suite with one of these add-ons

These add-ons take your LMS to the next level

Here at imc, we’ve worked with over 1,200 customers across the world. One thing we’ve learnt: Every organisation faces unique challenges and has unique demands regarding their LMS/LXP.

That’s why the imc Learning Suite has grown to be a fully customisable solution, adjustable to all different needs. One way to customise your LMS is to choose the add-ons that are right for you and your learners. We’ve summarised the most important information about each of our add-ons below.

The 360° LMS
add ons illustration
illustration for skills

Skills and Competencies

Create, manage, and review job profiles, skills and associated competency levels.

illustration of a list

Task Management

Setup and manage task lists to support organisational activities required to set up training.


Resource and Capacity Management

Setup and manage physical resources for classroom-based learning activities.

thumbs up and down

Effectiveness Check

Verify the effectiveness of your training efforts by measuring the impact on daily work.

illustration of calculator

Certified Credit Management

Manage certified training activities with associated Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning hours or points.

man using laptop

On the Job-Training

Setup and manage task lists of activities for users including upload of evidence and providing feedback.

Discover the imc Learning Suite

We would love to learn more about your situation to give you tailored expert advice and a demo of the platform.

E-learning creation has never been easier

nerate high-quality enterprise e-learning content in less than 10 minutes with
imc Express – no training or design skills needed! 

Understand how to use in 10 minutes
Produce up to 20x faster
Translate into 50+ languages
Be significantly more productive with AI
Play on smartphone, tablet and PC

Why customers choose imc Express

AI-supported e-learning authoring tool

Produce effective digital training materials with an intelligent GPT3-enabled tool that converts your texts into impactful e-learning designs.

  • Let the Express GPT do the work: create engaging course structures and content from a few keywords with texts and assessments adjusted to the appropriate learner level
  • Suggest, recognise and tag imagery automatically, plus generate natural-sounding audio from text files
“imc Express is the single most impressive user generated content platform I have seen ever.”
Nick Matheson-Smith
Five NZ
“imc Express is the ideal tool to easily transform written content into digital learning units. It's simple and straightforward." Ltd.
“It's exactly what we need to be able to implement e-learnings promptly and flexibly - and without large computer capacities.”
BAWAG Insurance AG
"Authors can turn a document into a didactically high-quality lesson within a few seconds, including sound and interactive elements.” Ltd.
“With imc Express we can create animated learning content easily and quickly from a PowerPoint presentation.”
Sanitas Management Ag
“imc Express is an enrichment in our blended learning concept.”
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
“It enables any IT-savvy employee to quickly create varied and interactive e-learnings.”
BAWAG Insurance AG
“The result looks professional without generating a large amount of resources.”
Sanitas Management Ag
“Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. It is intuitive and fast.”
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH

authoring tools

  • ... can only be used by a few experts. Even in very large companies, these are usually only 3-5 people.
  • ... have over 85% unused functionality.
  • ... cause a high expenditure of time and personnel with large production teams of 5-8 people.
  • ... cause high licence costs for multiple users and are by no means available and applicable for all.
  • ... require further investment for translation and localisation of content.
Production time
4 weeks

Content creation with imc Express

  • ... can be used by all employees at any time. 30-50 authors are not uncommon.
  • ... really only offers the functions that everyone needs.
  • ... can be done by one person. The savings potential is therefore at least 500%.
  • ... pays off quickly: if only 18 authors create an average of 8 projects per year, you invest only €52.08 per project.
  • ... requires no extra work: The AI takes care of translations and dubbing in 50+ languages at the touch of a button.
Production time
10 minutes

E-learning authoring made easy. Get started with imc Express today.

Start today by requesting free access to imc Express and try the world's easiest e-learning creation tool for yourself.

Your custom
e-learning content
Deliver unique experiences and tailored learning journeys

Custom e-learning content for enterprise

What do we mean by custom e-learning content for enterprise? Fully bespoke corporate training that your learners will love!
Our enterprise learning philosophy

Experiences that your learners will love

Training should not feel like training. That's our philosophy for creating premium custom e-learning content for enterprise.


It's also why our team of experts uses various techniques, such as engaging storytelling, high-quality online training, exciting videos, 3D-landscapes, and immersive AR/VR experiences, to create compelling learning experiences that your employees will love.


Custom e-learning content for enterprise: We even turn compliance training into a game!

Custom e-learning content: custom-made for you

We don't just fill a template with your content, we create learning experiences from scratch to match your company's culture and brand. This way, your learners will have a seamless experience throughout their workday.


Whether it's videos, learning cards, web-based training, gamification or blended learning – we find the format that best fits your needs and learning culture.

Premium content for premium learning outcomes

Our concept designers, visual and motion designers, 3D-developers, and videographers work alongside your dedicated Project Managers, Quality Assurance, and a Learning Consulting Team.


Our experts cooperate closely to deliver on and exceed your company's the e-learning content requirements. The benefit to you: a long-term collaboration and everything delivered all from a single source – for the fast and smooth delivery holistic learning experiences.


And that's also why we've won so many awards over the years. Our customers always come back to us for more!

Our expertise and recommendations:
Custom e-learning content for enterprise

E-Learning Punk

Six vital modules for every digital onboarding concept

This concept turns new content and existing e-learning content into an exciting and creative digital onboarding, even without a learning management system (LMS).
Learn more
E-Learning Punk

Digital Learning Journey

Reaching the destination with the right blend of formats: Digital learning journeys capitalise on the strengths of each learning format to create a motivating learning experience
Learn more
Featured Image E-Eearning Punk
E-Learning Punk

“Arrange your learning offer as a buffet!”

In our interview, learning strategy expert Katharina Kunz talks about blended learning. She demands: “Arrange your learning offer as a buffet!”
Learn more
Featured Image E-Eearning Punk
E-Learning Punk

Go for Game-based Learning

Learn more

Voices of change:
Pioneering success with innovative learning content


What is custom e-learning content for enterprise?

Custom e-learning content is digital content and courses developed for specific enterprise training, learning and development. It can take many forms, such as online training, games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards, and much more.

What's the difference between custom content and off-the-shelf content?

Off-the-shelf content delivers training in topic areas that are relevant to many different organisations, e.g. compliance or data protection. This content is not adapted to the brand of the particular organisations. Custom content is tailor-made for the organisation and perfectly adapted to the company's culture, digital infrastructure, purpose and learning needs.

What are the available formats, and which is best for our company?

There are many different formats, from online training to games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards and more. Our team has many years of experience and will help you choose the right format for your learners.

Are there any customer case studies that show examples of imc's content solutions?

We work with many different clients and most of them come back to us when they need new content. You can see some of our projects here.

How much does e-learning content cost?

The costs depend on the scope of the project. Get in touch with us via the form below for a free consultation.

Get in touch
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