Put together the Learning Journey you need to protect your organisation from cyber attacks.

The Game Episode #1

In the game, learners are hired as hackers to steal company secrets. The target of the attack is Slurp Corp, known for their popular energy drink SLURP. Players have a variety of attack techniques at their disposal to steal the recipe for SLURP. The game explains the types of cyberattacks and how to protect against them.

Phishing Detection Booster

Can your employees spot when they’re being phished? In our Phishing Detection Booster, they have to decide for each message if it’s fake or legitimate.

Working from Home

The average workplace at home isn’t as secure as a company office. “Working from home” makes learners aware of the specific cyber security threats and how to avoid them.

Readiness Check

Assess your employees’ cybercrime readiness, identify knowledge gaps and provide personalised feedback.

The Mysterious Cybercrime Case – Coming soon

Some security breaches are easy to track down, but it’s the ones who go uncaught and unidentified that are actually the most interesting. In this part of the journey, learners have to solve a mysterious case.

Hot Topics – Coming soon

Cyber security is a fast-moving sector with new threats emerging every day. The ‘Hot Topics’ series explores these trends in short videos and content nuggets.

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add-ons illustration
LMS Add-ons
Customise the imc Learning Suite with one of these add-ons

These add-ons take your LMS to the next level

Here at imc, we’ve worked with over 1,200 customers across the world. One thing we’ve learnt: Every organisation faces unique challenges and has unique demands regarding their LMS/LXP.

That’s why the imc Learning Suite has grown to be a fully customisable solution, adjustable to all different needs. One way to customise your LMS is to choose the add-ons that are right for you and your learners. We’ve summarised the most important information about each of our add-ons below.

The 360° LMS
add ons illustration
illustration for skills

Skills and Competencies

Create, manage, and review job profiles, skills and associated competency levels.

illustration of a list

Task Management

Setup and manage task lists to support organisational activities required to set up training.


Resource and Capacity Management

Setup and manage physical resources for classroom-based learning activities.

thumbs up and down

Effectiveness Check

Verify the effectiveness of your training efforts by measuring the impact on daily work.

illustration of calculator

Certified Credit Management

Manage certified training activities with associated Continued Professional Development (CPD) learning hours or points.

man using laptop

On the Job-Training

Setup and manage task lists of activities for users including upload of evidence and providing feedback.

Discover the imc Learning Suite

We would love to learn more about your situation to give you tailored expert advice and a demo of the platform.

E-learning authoring for all

Super simple.
Super fast.
Brilliant design.

Produce e-learning content in 30 minutes with imc Express and save money at the same time.

Understand how to use in 10 minutes
Produce up to 20x faster
Translate into 50+ languages
Be significantly more productive with AI
Play on smartphone, tablet and PC

Why customers choose imc Express

“imc Express is the single most impressive user generated content platform I have seen ever.”
Nick Matheson-Smith
Five NZ
“imc Express is the ideal tool to easily transform written content into digital learning units. It's simple and straightforward."
Bookboon.com Ltd.
“It's exactly what we need to be able to implement e-learnings promptly and flexibly - and without large computer capacities.”
BAWAG Insurance AG
"Authors can turn a document into a didactically high-quality lesson within a few seconds, including sound and interactive elements.”
Bookboon.com Ltd.
“With imc Express we can create animated learning content easily and quickly from a PowerPoint presentation.”
Sanitas Management Ag
“imc Express is an enrichment in our blended learning concept.”
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
“It enables any IT-savvy employee to quickly create varied and interactive e-learnings.”
BAWAG Insurance AG
“The result looks professional without generating a large amount of resources.”
Sanitas Management Ag
“Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. It is intuitive and fast.”
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH

authoring tools

  • ... can only be used by a few experts. Even in very large companies, these are usually only 3-5 people.
  • ... have over 85% unused functionality.
  • ... cause a high expenditure of time and personnel with large production teams of 5-8 people.
  • ... cause high licence costs for multiple users and are by no means available and applicable for all.
  • ... require further investment for translation and localisation of content.
Production time
4 weeks

Content creation with imc Express

  • ... can be used by all employees at any time. 30-50 authors are not uncommon.
  • ... really only offers the functions that everyone needs.
  • ... can be done by one person. The savings potential is therefore at least 500%.
  • ... pays off quickly: if only 18 authors create an average of 8 projects per year, you invest only €52.08 per project.
  • ... requires no extra work: The AI takes care of translations and dubbing in 50+ languages at the touch of a button.
Production time
10 minutes

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Custom Content
Experience unique learning journeys

100% Custom Content that your Learners will love

Our Principles

Experiences that your learners will love

Our declared objective: Training should not feel like training. From engaging storytelling and high-quality web-based trainings to exciting videos, 3D landscapes and immersive AR/VR experiences: Our team of experts creates exciting learning experiences that your employees will love. We even turn compliance training into a game.

Custom-made just for you

We don’t just fill a template with your content, we create learning experiences from scratch to match your company’s culture and brand. This way, your learners will have a seamless experience throughout their workday. Learning cards, videos, web-based trainings, games or blended learning – we will find the format that best fits your needs and learning culture.

Premium solutions for premium outcome

Our concept designers, visual and motion designers, 3D and video developers, quality assurance, a learning consulting team and the project managers cooperate closely to realise the e-learning content requirements in your company. The advantage: long-lasting collaboration and all from a single source – for fast and smooth realisation of holistic learning experiences. That’s why we’ve won many awards over the years and our customers always come back to us for more.

Our Expertise and Recommendations

E-Learning Punk

Six vital modules for every digital onboarding concept

This concept turns new content and existing e-learning content into an exciting and creative digital onboarding, even without a learning management system (LMS).
Learn more
E-Learning Punk

Digital Learning Journey

Reaching the destination with the right blend of formats: Digital learning journeys capitalise on the strengths of each learning format to create a motivating learning experience
Learn more
Featured Image E-Eearning Punk
E-Learning Punk

“Arrange your learning offer as a buffet!”

In our interview, learning strategy expert Katharina Kunz talks about blended learning. She demands: “Arrange your learning offer as a buffet!”
Learn more
Featured Image E-Eearning Punk
E-Learning Punk

Go for Game-based Learning

Learn more

Voices of Change


What is e-learning content?

E-learning contents are digital contents developed for education and training. It can take many forms, such as web-based training, games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards and many more.

What’s the difference between custom content and off-the-shelf content?

Off-the-shelf content covers topics that are relevant to many different organisations. For example, compliance or data protection. This content is not adapted to the brand of the organisations in which it is used. Custom content is tailor-made for the organisation and perfectly adapted to the company's culture, digital infrastructure, purpose and learning needs.

What formats are there, and which one is best for our company?

There are many different formats, from web-based training to games, videos, quizzes, digital learning cards and more. Our team has years of experience and will help you choose the right format for your situation.

Are there customer cases that show examples for imc’s content solutions?

We have worked with many different clients and most of them come back to us when they need new content. You can see some of our projects here.

How much does e-learning content cost?

The costs depend on the scope of the project. Contact us via the form to arrange a non-binding consultation with us and get more information.

Contact us

Stay ahead of cyber threats: Learn how to protect yourself from the most common cyber attack techniques.

Improve your level of cybercrime awareness and protect yourself from online threats.
Learn to recognise threats and take practical measures towards making yourself less vulnerable.
Deliver training that sticks – not just another boring training session that is already forgotten a few hours later.
Cyber Crime Time Christmas Special
Cyber Crime Time Xmas Special

Christmas time is cyber crime time: In keeping with the Christmas season, we have prepared a small special for you. Because even though it is the most wonderful time of the year for many, cybercrime is always present, even during the festive season. Try it out and test your knowledge with our X-MAS Cyber Crime Time Special.

The modules of the Learning Journey at a glance

Put together your Learning Journey - perfectly matched to the needs of your learners. More modules coming soon.

Game episode
working from home
Game episode
working from home
Cyber Crime Time – The Learning Journey
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content top 10 cyber attacks
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content mission
What We Cover
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content social engineering
Social Engineering
Amateurs hack systems. Professionals hack people.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content password
Secure Passwords
Measures to avoid passwords being cracked.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content phishing
A common and effective technique to steal confidential or personal data.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content home
Working from home
The average workplace at home isn’t as secure as a company office. Is yours?
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content malware
Malware & Ransomware
Software that harms or exploits computers, mobile devices, services, or networks.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon hacker
Identity fraud
Using another person’s basic personal details for an attack.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon wifi
Public wi-fi
People love free wi-fi. So do hackers.
Cyber Crime Time e-learning content icon usb drive
Media dropping
What would you do if you found an abandoned flash drive?
“Make your staff your best asset by preventing cybersecurity incidents.”
What People Like
Frequently Asked Questions
Why a cyber crime awareness training?
The danger of cyber attacks is growing. As the world becomes digital in virtually everything – work, school, meetings, family gatherings – new opportunities arise for attackers.

Cyber Crime Time creates awareness of the dangers of cyber threats by placing you in the shoes of a hacker. You will learn about the most common attack techniques, how they work, and how to protect against them: From simple social engineering scams like phishing to more sophisticated cyber security attacks like ransomware attacks or other malware designed to steal intellectual property or personal data.

You will see that the best way to protect yourself from hackers is to temporarily become one.
Cyber attacks aren’t fun, so why make it a game?
Nobody wants to read a book about cyber security. You want to understand the basic principles and how they apply to your day-to-day life. Security awareness should be fun — not just another boring training session that you will forget a few hours later. Cyber Crime Time uses game design techniques like storytelling and a playful environment to draw you into the topic.
Is the learning journey available in my language?
The learning journey is available in English and German. If you are a business user and you need another language for your staff, please speak to us about localisation options.
What topics are included in the training?
Cyber Crime Time is fun and exciting cyber security awareness training that helps you to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber attacks.

The learning journey covers the most common cyberattacks, such as social engineering, secure passwords, phishing, working from home, malware and ransomware, identity fraud, public wi-fi, and media dropping.
What are the technical requirements for the learning journey?
The learning journey can be used on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Windows: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (latest two versions). Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Mac: Safari (latest two versions).
  • Android: Chrome (latest two versions).
  • iOS: Safari (latest two versions).
For the best experience, make sure you are running the latest version of your browser.

Don’t forget to turn on your audio.
Can it be integrated in our LMS?
Yes, it can be integrated in all learning management systems (LMS) that support SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2 (business licenses only).

Don’t have an LMS? Not a problem. Business users get a personal account for each learner to access Cyber Crime Time via our cloud-based learning portal.
Cyber Crime Time – The Learning Journey
laptop screen showing lms surrounded by icons indicating connectors
LMS Connectors

Create your own Learning Ecosystem with our connectors

With various add-ons and countless connectors, imc Learning Suite is one of the most customisable learning management systems on the market. We summarised the most important connectors so you can find those that take your corporate learning activities to the next level.

connected icon
Connect your tools

Create a Learning Ecosystem with seamless connection between all of your tools

knowledge icon
Improved learning experience

Enable a diverse learning experience by including various formats

function icon
Customise your LMS

Adjust the LMS to perfectly serve your organisations individual needs

Single Sign On with SAML 2.0, Open ID or OAuth

Allow for authentication of the imc Learning Suite with an SAML 2.0, Open ID or OAuth identity provider and enable your learners to log in to their LMS and all other company software with just one password.

User Data Integration Connector

The user data integration connector provides a connection to an external system (HR / Payroll / CRM Systems) to automatically create, update and activate or deactivate users in the LMS.

Organisational Structure Integration Connector

The organisational structure integration connector provides a connection to an external system for an organisational structure import using an imc provided SFTP folder and a CSV/XML file generated by your organisation.

Virtual Classrooms

Our numerous virtual classroom integrations allow for engaging and interactive live sessions with your learners. No matter if you use Adobe Connect, GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar or Open Meetings, we’ve got you covered. Download our factsheet to find out more.

Microsoft Teams

With our integration with Microsoft Teams, you can create Microsoft Teams groups directly from within the LMS and learners can access the LMS from within MS Teams. This integration takes your L&D offers to your employees’ everyday collaboration tool. Download our factsheet to find out more.

E-Commerce with PayPal and Shopify

Turn your LMS into an e-learning marketplace! Our PayPal integration allows for users to pay for courses via the PayPal payment gateway. The Shopify integration enables learners to pay via the Shopify cart and checkout functionality.

LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning integration provides the possibility to integrate LinkedIn Learning content offerings into the imc Learning Suite via an easy-to-use wizard. Admins can access LinkedIn Learning courses and add them to the catalogue or integrate them directly into their employees' Learning Journey. Learners get seamless access to the course variety of LinkedIn Learning and can edit the content directly in the imc Learning Suite. The learning status is transferred back to the LMS via xAPI. Download our factsheet to find out more.

Customer Projects
Content Authoring
Use Cases
Discover the imc Learning Suite

We would love to learn more about your situation to give you tailored expert advice and a demo of the platform.

imc Express
's Werelds eenvoudigste contentcreatie tool
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Van platte tekst naar o.a. e-book, web of SCORM

Zelf elearning content maken was nog nooit zo eenvoudig als met imc Express

Met imc Express komt de digitale transformatie van jouw organisatie in een stroomversnelling.

Leer van je eigen mensen door hun kennis supersnel te digitaliseren en te delen.


Waar andere contenttools niet zonder de hulp van professionele e-learning-designers kunnen, is imc Express speciaal ontwikkeld om iedereen zélf professionele content te laten maken. Met behulp van o.a. kunstmatige intelligentie (Artificial Intelligence / AI), slimme ontwerpsjablonen, beelddatabases, videotools en vertaalmodules kan iedereen zélf haar/zijn kennis delen.

Geproduceerde leercontent kan uiteraard probleemloos met een leerplatform (LMS of LXP) zoals imc Learning Suite worden geïntegreerd.

Waarom imc Express?

Gebruiksvriendelijk voor iedereen

Van de stagiair tot de CEO deelt haar/zijn kennis zélf

Volledig online in je reguliere browser

Geen app of software-installatie nodig

Eén input, meerdere outputs

Van platte tekst naar o.a. e-book, web of SCORM

Icon representing Easy Creation
Geen design-ervaring?

imc Express verzorgt het design van jouw content, in jouw huisstijl.

Geen didactische kennis?

imc Express begeleidt elke maker om didactisch sterke content te creëren.

Icon representing Effective Quality
Geen tijd software training?

imc Express is zo eenvoudig en intuïtief dat training niet nodig is.

retro robot with ugc mockup

Probeer imc Express zelf

Wil je imc Express zelf proberen? Vraag eenvoudig een gratis proefperiode aan door onderstaand formulier in te vullen. Ons productteam stuurt je binnen 24 uur de inloggegevens. Gebruik het tekstveld om ons eventuele verdere vragen te stellen of om een afspraak te maken voor een consult.
imc Learning Suite
De ideale kruising tussen een LMS en LXP
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Hét leerplatform in het Nederlands. Leer-Management-Systeem (LMS) én Learning Experience Platform (LXP) in één.

Icon representing 360 Degrees
Alles-in-één leerplatform

Leerervaring, leermanagement en performance, samen in één platform.

Icon representing Flexible
Flexibel en volledig aanpasbaar

Een leerplatform op maat gemaakt voor jouw behoeftes.

Icon representing save and integrated
Veilig en geïntegreerd

Ontelbare integraties. De hoogste veiligheidsstandaarden. 


Volledig Nederlands LMS

imc Learning Suite is een van de meest uitgebreide leerplatforms op de markt. Het combineert de functionaliteiten van een Leer Management Systeem (Learning Management System, LMS) en Leer Ervaring Platform (Learning Experience Platform, LXP).


De lerenden hebben de regie en bepalen welke leerpaden ze bewandelen en waar en hoe ze leren; mobiel, online, offline, op internet of met behulp van een app. Zowel de "voor- en achterkant" van het systeem zijn zeer gebruiksvriendelijk en volledig in het Nederlands beschikbaar, waardoor de gebruikservaring eenvoudig en intuïtief is voor lerenden, maar ook voor trainers, managers en administrators. 


imc learning suite lms learning management system
imc learning suite lms learning management system

Efficiënte administratie

Stel je eens voor dat je leerstrategie zichzelf virtueel implementeert: de doelgroepen van je trainingen worden automatisch aangemaakt, workflows leiden cursisten door uitgebreide leertrajecten en je ontvangt geautomatiseerde rapportages van alle activiteiten in het LMS. Voltooi je taken sneller en efficiënter dan ooit.

imc learning suite lms learning management system

Van compliance-training tot AI-ondersteunde leertrajecten

Stel je eens voor dat je alle leerprocessen op één leerplatform verwerkt: je automatiseert complianceprocessen en (her)certificeringen. Ontwikkel motiverende leertrajecten voor je Sales team. Met de uitgebreide enterprise- en multi-tenancy LMS-mogelijkheden kun je zelfs trainingen op maat maken voor externe partners, distributeurs en leveranciers. Jij hebt altijd de touwtjes in handen.

API-beheer en integraties van derden

Stel je eens voor dat jouw leersoftware naadloos kan worden geïntegreerd in je bestaande infrastructuur: gestandaardiseerde interfaces vergemakkelijken de naadloze integratie van het systeem in jouw IT-landschap.


imc Learning Suite maakt integraties mogelijk met HR-oplossingen zoals Workday, CRM-systemen zoals Salesforce, e-commerceplatforms zoals PayPal en Shopify en videoconferentietools zoals Microsoft Teams en GoToMeeting. Zelfs platforms van derden zoals SAP Successfactors of modules uit elearningbibliotheken zoals LinkedIn Learning zijn eenvoudig te integreren, zodat je jouw leeraanbod eindeloos kunt uitbreiden.

interfaces api imc learning suite lms learning management system
human resources
Partner training
Compliance training
Nederlands LMS & LXP
mobile device
Alle apparaten
game based learning
Icon representing save and integrated


We hebben wereldwijd meer dan 1200 organisaties geholpen om te groeien door middel van leren & ontwikkelen. Onder hen gerenommeerde organisaties als de Reclassering, Brussels Airlines, Vodafone en Deloitte. Met een klantretentie van 98%, mogen we wel zeggen dat zij onze diensten waardeerden. Naast de klantloyaliteit, zijn we ook vereerd met de vele prijzen die we door de jaren heen gewonnen hebben. 

Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet
Fosway 2021 learning systems
Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet
Awards und Auszeichnungen: Wir sind ausgezeichnet

Ontdek de imc Learning Suite

Hoewel veel van onze communicatie in het Engels is, hebben wij ook een Nederlands team voor je klaar staan. Neem contact op voor meer informatie of voor een geheel vrijblijvende demo van de Learning Suite.

business person gives presentation to colleagues
Use Cases
We are rethinking learning for your corporate success

Discover the business cases of the imc Learning Suite

For more than 20 years, employees in companies from all sectors have been learning with the imc Learning Suite. The high-performance LMS provides your company with optimal support for all challenges. Whether you are still looking for the right LMS, want to optimise your onboarding strategy or strive to boost your learners’ engagement with gamification elements: We compiled information on several use cases for you. The library is continuously growing, so stay tuned.

business person gives presentation to colleagues
learner and ux

Learning Experience

Create learning experiences that your learners will love, with the help of technology and engaging learning journeys.

charts and graphs

Learning Analytics

Make smart decisions and generate more revenue with learning analytic.

man waving during webinar


Take new employees from productivity level 0 to 100 in a blink

lms diagram

Headless LMS

Find out how to gain more flexibility with a headless LMS.

Medicine surrounds a mobile device


Master requirements in the professional development of your employees and partners – with the validatable learning management system by imc.

Learning Ecosystems

Build the perfect learning ecosystem for your organisation.

illustration of networked people

Partner Training

Find out how partner training works and how you can implement it in your company with the help of imc Learning Suite.

illustration of lms and capabilities

LMS Choice Model

Find the LMS that suits your organisation with the help of our 4 step guide.

lms mockup with success graph

LMS Business Case

Convince your approval board with the business case for your LMS.

compliance illustration


Efficient management and sustainable learning for the safety of your company.

jumping office worker illustration


Increase learning success and motivation with gamified elements.

worker engaged in webinar

Virtual classrooms

Reach your learners anywhere and at anytime with face-to-face training in the virtual classroom

hands using smartphone

Conversational Learning

Flexible training with lasting effect through conversational learning.

colleagues looking at computer

Competency-based learning

Improve the efficiency of your professional development offers with competency-based learning.


We develop e-learning trends together with our clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we can utilise a wealth of knowledge and insights for the different learning approaches and find the best combination for your company.

custom content
Blended learning

The optimal combination of online and face-to-face training for maximum benefit. We help you find the perfect mix for your requirements.

Mobile learning

Short and responsive training formats like learning cards facilitate a new form of microlearning – mobile, fast, efficient

Mixed Reality (AR / VR)

Discovering real places and objects interactively – Using augmented and virtual reality allows learners to immerse themselves in new worlds.

Performance Support

Moving away from time-consuming training towards support with relevant learning nuggets in the moment of need – That’s the goal for the coming years

Web-Based Training

Interactive media elements and realistic scenarios make your training come alive – Let us set new standards.

Video-Based Learning

Videos are an outstanding choice for immersive training content, illustrating and communicating emotionally charged topics.

Game-Based Learning

With our serious games and 3D map simulation technology, we open up a new world of experiences that the learners can dive into.

Conversational Learning

Just like talking to your favourite colleague: Interactive and personal training design supported by chatbots and virtual mentors.


Are you ready?

Find out how our technology, content and strategy experts can help you in your specific case.

authoring tools header
imc Authoring Tools
Create effective e-learning content yourself
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Maximum flexibility with imc authoring tools

Create learning content - exactly the way it suits you!
The imc authoring tools enable you to react flexibly to the learning needs of your company at any time. No matter whether your learning content needs to be individually designed by your education experts or whether your employees are to share their knowledge independently: We have the right solution for your requirements.


imc Express Mockup

imc Express

- User-generated content: anyone can share knowledge
- Easy to use without installation
- Artificial intelligence and templates support design
- Save 50-75% on creation and implementation time

content studio mockup

imc Content Studio

- Create your own custom content
- Powerful tool for professionals
- Maximum design freedom
- Endless possibilities


Benefit from our other services

Are you looking for strategic consultancy services? Are you still lacking the right content for your corporate learning? Great - We are able to assist you with both. As a full-service provider, we advise companies all around the globe on all aspects of e-learning. Our content team develops exciting content precisely tailored to your training situation.


E-learning content

From a highly detailed learning portal through learning cards to captivating serious games: Our content team will find the right solution for you.

Training strategy

Our training strategy consultants are your strategic partners for the conceptual design and implementation of your digital learning strategy.