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"The Learning Curve with Kenny" is a pioneering podcast series promoting new thinking in enterprise learning. Hosted by imc's very own Kenneth Littlepage, a highly experienced learning expert, the monthly podcast series delivers exciting interviews with HR and learning professionals, innovation managers, and other thinkers at the forefront of modern training techniques. Each episode lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, making it perfect for a quick break whether you tune in on your way to work or in the office. 

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Your inquisitive guide to enterprise learning

Kenneth Littlepage
L&D Project Leader

I've been a part of the imc team since 2014, starting as a project manager in content and now serving as the project manager officer for our #1 enterprise LMS. My aim with this podcast is to provide a captivating and enjoyable format for learning, geared towards both beginners and professionals. I enjoy exploring new industry trends and trying on different perspectives. If you have any feedback on the podcast, reach out to me anytime at I'd very much love to hear from you! 


#1: Debunking learning myths
Debunking Learning Myths: Dr Kuva Jacobs

Taking certain commonly held ideas about learning at face value can be damaging because they don't provide the complete picture. In this episode of the Learning Curve, Kenny delves deep into the world of learning myths. With the help of his fascinating guest, Dr Kuva Jacobs, Kenny debunks popular myths about learning in real-time on the podcast.

Interview guest: Dr. Kuva Jacobs, Co-founder Emergent Learning | Duration: 54:22 min.


#10: A closer look at creating award winning e-learning content
Arne Benoist

Arne and Kenneth explore what it takes to create award winning e-learning content

#9: Creating better content for e-learning by starting at the roots, the Instructional Designers
Bianca Raby

Bianca and Kenneth explore what the direction the evolution of e-learning creators is headed

#8: Digitalization and Learning Disablities
Shae Wissell and Malte Adrends

Shae Wissell, Malte Arends and I explore how learing disabilities can be positively impacted by digitalization.

Interview guests: Shae Wissell CEO Deardyslexic/ Malte Arends imc Senior Blended Learning Specialist | Duration: 54:13 min.

#7: Digitalization of Child and Adult Education

With the last episode of “E-learning Brunch” discussing how analytics can leverage the capabilities of an LMS, we in this episode take a look at how digitalization effects both Child and Adult education. With his guest speaker Hester, Kenny discusses the future of learing and education.


Interview guest: Hester Spiegel-van den Steenhoven | Education Enterpeneur | Duration: 48:27 min.


#6: Learning Analytics and LMS
Der Vorstand der imc AG

With his extensive experience in guiding the technical visions of companies, Dr. Wolfram Jost, Board Member and CTO of imc AG helps us to understand what impact Learing Analytics has in asking the critical questions surrounding L & D within businesses.


Interview guest: Wolfram Jost, CTO imc AG | Duration: 45:17 min.


#5: Digital Transformation and LMS
Photo David Patterson

With his extensive experience in guiding companies through their digital transformation, David Patterson helps us to identify “How companies can select the right LMS for their e-learning needs”. Therefore, he and “E-Learning Brunch” host Kenny are looking into the needs and expectations of both – customers and learners.


Interview guest: David Patterson, Director Learning Light | Duration: 45:53 min.

#4: Learning Culture vs. Learning Analytics
Photo David James

Does learning = performance? Does the implementation of an LMS automatically translate to better performing employees? Host Kenny asks our expert David James, these and many more intriguing questions. Bringing more than 15 years of experience in the field and hosting his own podcasts, David gives us his take on what he calls “the flawed equation”.

Interview guest: David James, Podcast Host at The Learning & Development Podcast | Duration: 56:17 min.

#3: Virtual Reality
Photo of Christian Glessner

With part one and two of our podcast going through a progression from “How to make e-learning entertaining” and the second podcast looking into “Gamification” as a methodology we now turn to technology in the form of Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR). Joining the podcast will be the VR hero and CEO of Hololux Christian Glessner. Christian is leading the charge into the applications of VR and AR together with prominent industry leaders. Christian impart his vision and understanding of what he considers to be then “next level of communication”.

Interview guest: Christian Glessner, Hololux | Duration: 39:55 min.

#2: Gamification
Photo of Roman Rackwitz

Following up on the first “E-Learning Brunch” podcast and “How to make e-learning entertaining” host Kenny turns to “Gamification”. Guest and Gamification Hero Roman Rackwitz takes us on a deep dive in the Gamification sea of knowledge. Roman has already established himself as one of the goto personalities in Gamification and provides Kenny with a completely new and engrossing vision of gamification.

Interview guest: Roman Rackwitz, Engaginglab | Duration: 51:40 min.

#1: Cartoons in learning
E-Learning Brunch Olaf Encke e-learning podcast

In the first episode “E-Learning Brunch”, host Kenny will find out how to make e-learning entertaining. Therefore, he talks with Olaf Encke, founder of Inkarnatoons. Inkarnatoons is specialized in illustrations, animations, and cartoons for different media. Kenny already has worked with Olaf during different e-learning projects. Olaf explains the difference between illustrations, animations, and cartoons. He points out the advantages of these formats compared to real characters and gives some tips for the use of illustrations and animations in learning.

Interview guest: Olaf Encke, Inkarnatoons | Duration: 32:11 min.

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