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Project Design-CT

Initiative Design-CT Successfully Concludes: Leaving a Legacy of Innovative Digital Education

The Design-CT Erasmus+ initiative, which embarked on the mission to redefine digital education in schools, proudly announces the successful culmination of its journey in July of this year. This remarkable initiative has not only achieved its objectives but has also left an indelible mark on the world of education, empowering educators, and enriching the learning experiences of students of all ages.

Saarbruecken, September 2023

The final consortium meeting convened at the imc headquarters in Saarbrücken, Germany, marked a poignant moment in the project's history. It was an occasion to celebrate the project's significant accomplishments, engage in reflective discourse on the path traveled, and formally conclude this transformative chapter.


Design-CT has been nothing short of revolutionary, providing educators with a comprehensive platform that amalgamates an extensive array of resources while fostering an environment that nurtures creativity. Through the provision of diverse digital tools, resources, and innovative teaching methodologies, this initiative seamlessly integrated technology into classrooms, elevating the learning experience for students across various age groups.


As the final meeting in Saarbrücken facilitated a collective reflection on the impact of Design-CT, participants candidly shared not only their successes but also the challenges they encountered. It was a moment of growth and learning, underlining the invaluable experiences gained during this pioneering journey.

Rola Sayegh

Rola Saygeh, research project manager at imc

Rola Sayegh, project lead and research project manager at imc, is very pleased with the project outcome and says:

“Design-CT unleashes everyone’s digital creativity, with interactive digital content created in less than 10 minutes! It is indeed an overdue AI-supported solution, especially designed for schools, teachers, and learners.”

While the Design-CT project has formally concluded, its legacy lives on through the platform available at This platform continues to be an invaluable resource for educational institutions, providing educators with ongoing access to a rich library of diverse digital resources and to an AI-supported authoring tool, the imc Express. Furthermore, it offers a series of training modules carefully tailored to educators at every level, catering to their varying levels of digital proficiency.


Finally, the consortium is thrilled to announce that this is not the end of the road. The Design-CT project serves as a springboard for the forthcoming "Open Teach C-Hub" project, set to launch in the upcoming school year 2023-2024. Building on the successful legacy of Design-CT and Open Teach (a European project promoting open educational resources and practices), this next venture will continue to push the boundaries of digital education in schools, empowering educators to thrive in the digital age.

More information

About the Design-CT project

Design-CT is a European project that supports teachers of all grade levels and digital competencies profiles to become creators and designers of their own digital and blended learning lessons. The Design-CT ecosystem offers a smart authoring tool supported with integrated didactical kits including, pedagogical templates, learning scenarios, apps, tools and resources to help teachers easily create their digital lessons and activities. The ecosystem offers design support and recommends learning content, so that teachers focus their time and effort on what they do best… guide their students’ learning journey. For more information, please visit the Design-CT website.



About the Consortium

Five partners from Germany, Portugal and Greece form the Design-CT consortium:

  • imc information multimedia communication AG – imc, Germany
  • Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia – NUCLIO, Portugal
  • Ellinogermaniki Agogi Scholi Panagea Savva AE – EA, Greece
  • Verein zur Förderung moderner Lernsysteme – Lernwelt, Germany
  • Grundschule St. Ingbert Südschule - Südschule, Germany