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imc announces partnership with BONGO

imc announces partnership with BONGO and adds exciting new video assessment features to its portfolio

BONGO facilitates even faster, more tailored and user-friendly video feature integration in the imc Learning Suite.

Saarbruecken, 13 July 2021

Today, imc AG – a leading provider for digital training and professional development – announced its partnership with Bongo, a pioneering video assessment provider based in Colorado, USA.

Bongo adds more video-based learning opportunities within the imc learning management system. Bongo is an integrated solution that supports experience-based learning and personal skills development through tailored feedback and assessment. The integrated video workflows create completely new learning, analytic and collaboration opportunities for users.

Josh Kamrath, CEO Bongo

Bongo CEO Josh Kamrath is thrilled about the collaboration: "We are really excited about this partnership with imc. The combination of our video assessment solution with their Learning Suite provides an easy and scalable way to validate real-world skills. By demonstrating competency on video, employers can ensure that learners are mastering the skills in their L&D programs."

imc is equally confident that this adds value for their customers: “We're extremely excited about our partnership and to be able to offer such a powerful tool to our customers. With Bongo video assessment functionalities, our Learning Suite can provide organisations with even more tools and resources to enhance their employees' learning experience, communication skills, and teamwork capabilities", says Anna Lemor, Head of Strategic Alliances at imc.

Anna Lemor, Head of Strategic Alliances, imc

About Bongo

Bongo is an embedded solution that drives meaningful assessment, experiential learning and skill development at scale through video-based engagement and personalized feedback. Organizations use our video workflows to create opportunities for practice, demonstration, analysis, and collaboration. When individuals show what they can do within a real-world learning environment, evaluators get an authentic representation of their competency.

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