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Digital, connected and global: the new brand identity of imc AG

At the beginning of the year and one week before the new trade fair season starts, imc will be presenting its new brand identit including logo. The future of imc will be digital, connected and global. The new brand thus marks the start of a new era and into the digital age.


The international roll-out will begin in Germany as part of LEARNTEC, the leading trade fair for digital learning in Europe. The global changeover will take place in several waves. The roll-out should be completed by June 2020. The relaunch affects 12 locations in Europe, the USA, Asia and Australia.


"The new image of imc accompanies the strategic realignment of the company. With the new brand identity, we express the digital transformation and the targeted globalization of our company. The beginning of the year is the right time for us to make the new approach of imc and the brand visible to the world," explains imc's board member Sven R. Becker. "Our goal was to create a globally uniform 360° brand experience that is more modern and authentic," adds Kerstin Steffen, Head of Global Marketing and Communications.




Where the company has already taken on the role of the market leader in the DACH region, imc now aims the development and position itself in further markets. "We would like to develop the future of imc, a clear long-term corporate strategy based on our corporate purpose, vision, mission and values," says Becker. "These guidelines were specifically reviewed, revised and scrutinized in the course of the new brand identity. It was important for us to bring these principles into a contemporary and future-oriented version".




imc is part of the Scheer Group, a group of companies with more than 1,000 employees in over 15 countries and a group turnover of over 100 million euros. The expert network for digital business models and transformation projects has the mission to promote and strengthen the cooperation of the participating companies.

The goal: As a full-service provider, to increase the added value for customers and at the same time facilitate access to new markets for the network partners. From now on, this affiliation will also be reflected, in the new company logo.


Rewrite the way we learn


"imc aims to empower people and organizations around the world to reach their full potential in a constantly evolving world. We want to make learning better by redefining the way we learn," says Becker, describing the new corporate vision.

The slogan "Rewrite the way we learn" is intended to underscore this endeavor. In the future, experts from all areas of the company will be working hand in hand to offer customers holistic and customized strategies, solutions, products and content.


Corporate Design


The main element and trademark of the new design is the "digital underscore". It visualizes the digital approach, but also stands for imc's individual and customized training concepts, solutions and training content.

The element can be used flexibly and has a very good recognition value across all media and communications. The new brand language has also become more modern, bold and fresh - without losing its high-quality standards.

"In designing the brand, we paid particular attention to a high degree of flexibility and applicability in digital media," says Steffen. "The underscore in combination with the new imc orange visuals will give our brand its new characteristic look ".

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Kerstin Steffen
Director Brand Strategy