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Creating and digitising learning content has never been this easy

Poorly prepared corporate learning content will soon be a thing of the past. Systematic digitalisation of knowledge is becoming easier than ever before: That is what imc Express promises – the latest product by imc AG to be launched in early 2021. It allows all knowledge holders to effortlessly produce learning content themselves.


The expectation that employees share and digitalise their knowledge has become commonplace in organisations. Yet, that is often easier said than done. Few knowledge holders know how best to digitise, didactically prepare and publish learning content.

That’s where imc Express comes in. imc’s latest product will make these processes accessible when launched in the first quarter of 2021. In contrast to complex authoring tools primary designed for learning organisers, imc Express lets anyone create their own user-generated content.

When we say “anyone”, that includes total strangers to the world of design, didactics and technology. Thanks to integrated artificial intelligence (AI), imc Express identifies the form of presentation with the greatest didactic benefit, and creates all content directly in the corporate design.

Oliver Nussbaum, imc

Having played a key role in the development of imc Express, Oliver Nussbaum, Managing Director at imc in Austria, sums it up: “From apprentices through marketing managers, from consultant to blue collar worker: Anyone can use the tool intuitively and save time usually required for conceptual design, realisation and presentation.”

In addition, imc Express can also translate all content into all world languages with a single click, and play them text-to-speech.

AI-based image recognition automatically adds suitable text to all image material and stores it, guaranteeing optimal barrier-free presentation.

imc Express can be used directly in the browser without prior installation, and learning content can be displayed and shared directly in the learning management system.

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If you would like to learn more about imc Express, please check here for further details.

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Kerstin Steffen
Director Brand Strategy