Channels: Innovation Pack 14.13

Channels: Welcome to the age of self-directed learning

Innovation Pack 14.13 for the imc Learning Suite makes learning more self-determined than ever before


Corporate learning and the learner's expectations are changing fundamentally. Learners no longer want to put up with dull face-to-face teaching and the cramming of theoretical knowledge. "Learning experience" is the keyword, and this means not only the appealing design of learning content and portals, but also a different kind of learning: personalised, informal and above all self-directed.


Therefore imc introduces a new  function which puts learning experience in the center: The Channels. Innovation Pack 14.13 for imc Learning Suite allows a totally new way of self-directed learning.

The new channels are topic-based containers that contain learning nuggets on the respective topics. Learners can subscribe to topics and are always kept up to date via email notifications when there is new content.

The look and feel are reminiscent of familiar platforms such as YouTube or Netflix, making it intuitive for all learners. When consuming a Learning Nugget, a playlist of content from the same channel is displayed at the edge of the screen so learners can quickly move to the next Learning Nugget.


Channels in the LMS

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