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Well-being training in the digital age

In this episode, Kenny sits down with Todd Morgan, CEO of Outside The Locker Room (OTLR), a charitable organization that is changing the game for mental health in sporting clubs, schools, and businesses across Australia. 


With the challenges of remote working and the digital era, organisations are faced with new challenges in promoting their employees' mental well-being. Todd sheds light on the impact of technology on social connections, which has led to an increase in severe loneliness and poor mental health among remote workers. But is there a silver lining? 


Fortunately, there is a growing awareness among companies about the importance of investing in their employees' mental well-being. Todd shares practical advice and explores how digitalisation can be used effectively to scale mental health training. 

Podcast Vol. 02 (2023) | Duration: 54:36 min.
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Todd Morgan on The Learning Curve

Todd Morgan

Todd Morgan is the Chief Executive Officer of Outside The Locker Room, a charity providing mental health education and welfare support to communities across Australia. 

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