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Use cases for AI in L&D

Hear thought-provoking insights into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the learning and development (L&D) in our latest episode of "The Learning Curve". Host Kenny welcomes Adam Barty, Managing Director of Revium, a leading boutique digital consulting firm specialising in innovative technological solutions. Together, they embark on an insightful discussion exploring AI's transformative potential and its implications for businesses and individuals alike.  


Adam shares his journey into AI, highlighting the importance of staying ahead of technological advancements, and discusses practical applications and strategies for leveraging AI's benefits in L&D. Kenny and Adam shed light on breakthroughs in large language models, democratizing access to AI technologies and paving the way for further innovation in areas such as video content creation and personalisation 


Join us to explore the practical implications and challenges of integrating AI into learning strategies, offering valuable insights and advice for organisations considering AI adoption. From introductory sessions and policy development to workshops and pilot projects, learn how embracing AI can propel organizations forward in the ever-evolving landscape of L&D. Don't miss out on this engaging discussion that promises to reshape your understanding of AI's role in shaping the future of learning. 

Podcast Vol. 08 (2024) | Duration: 01:13:48 min.
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Adam Barty

Adam Barty

Adam is the Managing Director of Digital & AI Consultancy Revium and the Co-founder of fintech startup HelpPay As a recognised thought leader in digital and AI, Adam provides strategic guidance and insights. With a team of around 50 skilled experts, he works with a suite of corporate clients providing guidance and practical expertise across the digital spectrum. 

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Kenneth Littlepage
L&D Project Leader

I've been a part of the imc team since 2014, starting as a project manager in content and now serving as the project manager officer for our #1 enterprise LMS. My aim with this podcast is to provide a captivating and enjoyable format for learning, geared towards both beginners and professionals. I enjoy exploring new industry trends and trying on different perspectives. If you have any feedback on the podcast, reach out to me anytime at I'd very much love to hear from you! 

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