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Training as a key pillar to the operation of safe and efficient ships

Catch the latest episode of The Learning Curve for fascinating insights into the diverse training needed to crew large cargo ships. Devesh Gautam, L&D Superintendent at the OSM Thome Group, takes Kenny on a voyage through what we can learn from the safety and cross-functional training required for life at sea.  


In the maritime industry, safety training is of utmost importance. It covers a wide range of topics, including fire-fighting, medical assistance, and basic survival skills. All crew members, regardless of their role, are required to undergo mandatory training and obtain a certificate of competency, setting standards for all countries. Navigating the seas of knowledge is complex. We discover how virtual reality (VR) training simulates incidents on a ship. Microlearning helps crew members.  


The unique and mandatory training requirements in the international shipping industry offer many lessons for enterprise learning more widely. Don’t miss this episode!  

Podcast Vol. 05 (2023) | Duration: 00:58:15 min.
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Devesh Gautam on The Learning Curve with Kenny

Devesh Gautam

Devesh spent many years sailing merchant ships and served as a Chief Engineer. Having transitioned to a shore-based role, he is now responsible for managing Learning & Development activities in India and Europe as part of the OSM Thome Group. 

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Kenneth Littlepage
L&D Project Leader

I've been a part of the imc team since 2014, starting as a project manager in content and now serving as the project manager officer for our #1 enterprise LMS. My aim with this podcast is to provide a captivating and enjoyable format for learning, geared towards both beginners and professionals. I enjoy exploring new industry trends and trying on different perspectives. If you have any feedback on the podcast, reach out to me anytime at I'd very much love to hear from you! 

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