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Learning Analytics and LMS

Learning Analytics: Asking the right questions

Expanding on the last episode of “E-learning Brunch” we take a deeper look into the world of Learning Management Systems. Levearging the capabilities of an LMS through the use of Learning Analytics. Kenny and his guest Dr. Wolfram Jost, take a look at the importance of the application of Learning Analytics to show companies how learning impacts their business.

Podcast Vol. 6 (2021) | Duration: 45:17 min.
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Photo of Wolfram Jost

Dr. Wolfram Jost

Dr. Wolfram Jost has been a board member and Chief Product Officer at imc since April 2019. Over the years Wolfram has already had prominent roles with other known software companies and now brings his passion for Learning Analytics to imc AG.

E-Learning Brunch Podcast Host Kenneth Littlepage

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Kenneth Littlepage

Project Manager

I’ve been working at imc since 2014 first as a project manager in content and now as the project manager officer for the LMS department. My goal for this podcast is to provide a fun and interesting format for bringing e-learning to beginners and professionals alike. Outside of work I’m an avid activities person, in part due to my dog “Romeo” who is always ready to go, and of course I love to find and try new breakfast places. Pancakes, anyone? If you have any feedback on the podcast just drop me a line at kenneth.littlepage@im-c.com.