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Future skills

The latest episode of The Learning Curve with Kenny features an exciting special guest: Assel Mussagaliyeva-Tang, founder and chief learning officer of EDUTech Future. Assel provides customised education, training, consulting, and coaching programmes for individuals and organisations.


Together with Kenny, Assel delves into the topic of future skills. Companies must help their employees develop the skills needed to build meaningful careers for tomorrow. Crucially, these are the human-centric skills that can’t be acquired by machines. Assel highlights the value of mentorship. She urges companies to embrace a broader view of assessment, engage employees on a daily basis, and create career pathways. Defining core skills rather than limited job descriptions can lead to greater employee satisfaction and productivity.  


Given the ongoing digitalisation, future-ready skills are the key to innovation for companies seeking to keep abreast of new technological developments. Don't miss this episode!  

Podcast Vol. 06 (2024) | Duration: 01:12:05 min.
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Assel Mussagaliyeva-Tang

Assel Mussagaliyeva-Tang

With many years of experience in education, technology, and international development, Assel provides customised training programmes for individuals and organizations as the founder and chief learning officer of EDUTech Future. Assel is a certified Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner and Asia-Pacific Learning Partner, delivering bespoke EdTech trainings and offering L&D consulting and mentorship programmes for corporates. 

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I've been a part of the imc team since 2014, starting as a project manager in content and now serving as the project manager officer for our #1 enterprise LMS. My aim with this podcast is to provide a captivating and enjoyable format for learning, geared towards both beginners and professionals. I enjoy exploring new industry trends and trying on different perspectives. If you have any feedback on the podcast, reach out to me anytime at I'd very much love to hear from you! 

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