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Virtual Reality in E-Learning – Is VR the next level of communication?

Following on the heels of our last podcast on “Gamification” humanities intrinsic way of learning with Roman Rackwitz, we move to looking at “Virtual and Augmented Reality” (VR/AR) as a future tool of learning with our guest, Virtual Reality hero Christian Glessner. Christian and Kenny will be looking at drivers for VR, costs, challenges and future application scenarios. Discovering what therse applications might hold in store for e-learing as a whole.

Podcast Vol. 3 (2020) | Duration: 39:55 min.
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Photo of Christian Glessner

Christian Glessner

Christian, founder of Hololux, will delve with Kenny into the world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Christian is leading the charge into the applications of VR and AR together with prominent industry leaders.

E-Learning Brunch Podcast Host Kenneth Littlepage

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Kenneth Littlepage

Project Manager

I’ve been working at imc since 2014 first as a project manager in content and now as the project manager officer for the LMS department. My goal for this podcast is to provide a fun and interesting format for bringing e-learning to beginners and professionals alike. Outside of work I’m an avid activities person, in part due to my dog “Romeo” who is always ready to go, and of course I love to find and try new breakfast places. Pancakes, anyone? If you have any feedback on the podcast just drop me a line at kenneth.littlepage@im-c.com.