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imc Process Guide
Boost user performance and support your employees at the point of need
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Maximize your employee performance with imc's performance support system

Promote acceptance of all software platforms with process-oriented performance support. Enhance software use quality, reduce initial training times and boost business efficiency with the imc Process Guide.


Without limits

Support any software. From web to desktop applications.


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Easy creation

Automatically convert process descriptions from records.

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Smart processes

The tool recognises which process the employee is currently running, and responds to it.

performance support system imc process guide

The process guide is available as desktop app or web client. The content is available in the browser and on mobile devices. In addition to the traditional on-premise solution, the performance support system is also available in the cloud.

performance support system imc process guide

Process Guide authors can easily create content themselves, ensuring dedicated guidelines for each business process and even proprietary software.

All Features
  • Smart applications
  • System usage
  • Technology

The EPSS recognises which input field a user is working in, and shows relevant information.

Compliance support

Ensure that employees are completing processes from beginning to end in accordance with the guidelines.




As the learned processes are directly applied, the workflows are memorised.


Reports – such as compliance documentation – offer insights into user behaviour.


Helpdesk efficiency

Users can send screenshots directly to helpdesk personnel to receive optimal assistance.



Internal and external changes can be communicated efficiently through the Process Guide.



Whether MS Office or proprietary software: All applications are supported.


Content creation

Authors can create content themselves for different user groups and processes.



Automated process recording facilitates the creation of e-learning modules, videos and much more.

Desktop and online guide

User guidance is provided on the Windows client and as an online guide.

On-premise and cloud

Available as on-premise and cloud version.


Discover the performance support system

Are you interested in the imc Process Guide electronic performance support system? We are happy to advise you without obligation in a consultancy meeting.

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