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Innovation Pack 14.12 brings new possibilities for purchases via Shopify

As always, our latest Innovation Pack brings a lot of small changes that make our customer's learning management easier and more efficient. Our highlight this time is the extended funktionality of our Shopify connector, which enables bulk purchases of courses and learning paths. See what these features look like in action in our video!

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Offer discounts or let supervisors pay for their employee's courses with bulk purchases via Shopify

The imc Learning Suite now provides the possibility for supervisors or HR managers to purchase courses and learning paths in bulk and for multiple employees at once via the Shopify connector.


On way to start the purchasing process is by first selecting the employees via the "My staff" page and then choosing all the desired courses. Another way is to find the desired course or learning path in the catalogue and then selecting the learners you want to enrol. This approach is particularly useful if you only want to buy one course or learning path. Both workflows offer the option to add items to the shopping cart and checkout later or to buy immediately.


To make sure that only authorised learners are enroled in courses, you can see notes on booking prerequisites and can even check directly whether these prerequisites have been met. In the shopping cart you can see which items have been selected for which learners and you can remove items you no longer want to purchase. Furthermore, depending on the configuration, you can define a due date and mark the purchased course as mandatory for the selected learners.


How you benefit: This functionality can be used for example to offer discounts for larger purchases. It also makes learning management more efficient for supervisors whenever they're responsible for the payment of courses for their employees. With these new possibilities, they don't have to make the purchases one by one.



Coming soon

Our next update is already waiting with many new features and innovations. Stay tuned!