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Creating Content has never been easier

Create engaging, interactive content easily and at record speed with imc Express. The new features can now be used by all users and offer new possibilities for integrating videos, among other things. Automatic subtitles make a major contribution to the accessibility of your content.


Get to know our brand new features

Upload your own videos

From now on you can upload your own videos from your computer or your mobile phone to imc Express. You want to demonstrate a certain workflow? Simply film it with your smartphone and upload the video as part of your e-learning project.

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Automated subtitles

Artificial intelligence can even add subtitles to your videos automatically. In this way, imc Express makes an important contribution to accessibility and makes content accessible even for those who cannot hear the sound. Don't worry: If the AI ever fails to understand you correctly, you can easily adjust the subtitles manually.



Subtitles in every language

You can have the video subtitles translated by the AI into almost all languages, just like all other texts in your project. In this way, you make the video content accessible to all learners worldwide. So that they can also be played on all end devices, imc Express converts your videos into over 40 different formats without any further effort.



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Onscreen tutorial

To make the use of imc Express even easier, an onscreen tutorial is available with the new update. The tutorial explains the operating elements of the respective views. You can always restart it via the question mark menu if you are unsure how to use it.

Full-text search in web content

In a published project, you will now find a search bar at the top of the content overview. You can use this search bar to search your project content completely for keywords - for example, also the subtitles of a video. Simply search for a term, select the desired hit in the search result and jump directly to the content you are looking for.

Curious? Try the new features!

Do you want to try the new features for yourself? Simply request a free trial for imc Express by filling in the form below. Our product team will send you the login details within 24 hours. Please use the text field to send us any further questions or to arrange a consultation.

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