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The perfect learning experience for your organisation is tailored and personalised to your needs and wishes.

That's why we would love to learn more about your specific situation and give you some tailored, expert advice. Let's get in touch and have a chat.

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A learner-centred experience

Once upon a time, corporate learning was a top-down phenomenon, often focused on essential onboarding and compliance content. However, many organisations have come to realise that a truly learner-centred learning culture requires more freedom and a personalised experience for every individual learner.


A few years ago, leading industry analyst Josh Bersin defined the term “Learning Experience Portal” (LXP) as a new type of product. An LXP puts the individual learner in control of their training and development, allowing them to explore content at their own pace and direction.

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Learning experience is more than an LXP

An LXP’s purpose is to improve self-directed learning and give learners control over their decision-making in their own learning. However, it doesn't acknowledge the importance of the organisation and its corporate goals.


Many organisations want their employees to grow for their own personal development, but also need to manage some training proactively "top-down". Having a separate Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Experience Portal (LXP) may do the job, but creates a great deal of extra administration for HR / L&D teams. That is one of the reasons that the HR industry analysts from Fosway Group announced that "the LMS and LXP are dead".

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An integrated LMS and LXP

A 'Learning Suite' combines the robust foundation and advanced management functionalities of an LMS, with the intuitive user experience of an LXP. The seamless integration between an LMS and LXP makes a learning suite not just a great experience for the learner, but also for trainers, managers, and admins.

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