Learning Analytics
Learning analytics 
Real business impact with smart analytics for modern enterprise learning management
Rethinking learning analytics

Smart learning analytics: How effective learning management makes a measurable ROI

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Customised reporting

Extensive reports that are always up to date – thanks to an unlimited number of role-specific reporting dashboards within a modern learning management system tailored around the outcome of learning




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Learning analytics dashboard

Keep an eye on all data and facts with a central learning analytics dashboard that offers direct access to all reports for effective learning management


Smart learning data

Better and faster decisions on learning investments with enterprise LMS giving you all the intelligence on key metrics





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Get a smart LMS implementation

92% of all L&D professionals state that they are under pressure to prove the benefit of digital learning for their company. This also indicates that many companies are not aware of the value learning programmes can create for them – even though it has been shown that learning strategies can increase revenues by up to 218%.


Learning analytics help you substantiate the positive impact your professional development initiatives have on the company, while also enabling you to align learning programmes with corporate objectives.


Target potential with clever learning management

Traditional learning systems only capture limited data on employees and learners. That makes it hard for organisations to integrate and link the learners' competencies, performance and financial data. With learning analytics in the imc Learning Suite, we make it possible. It has never been this easy to link learning and financial data with an enterprise LMS targeted at the outcome of learning.


We all know that learning analytics methods are useful for justifying the expenditure for your learning projects or running skills analyses. But they can do more: They can be leveraged to help achieve corporate goals through targeted learning activities.

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A learning platform with extensive reports and dashboards

Benefit from an unlimited number of role-specific reporting dashboards in the imc Learning Suite. In addition to the reporting dashboards, the LMS also offers a central learning analytics dashboard where users have direct access to reports according to their privileges. Users can tailor the learning analytics dashboard to their specific LMS requirements, while a search bar makes it easy to find information.


With the imc Learning Suite Report Server, reports created in Report Definition Language (RDL) can be integrated into the imc Learning Suite. Any RDL report creation tool including Microsoft Report Builder can be used to prepare these reports.

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Resources: Learning analytics on the outcome of learning


How big learning data can help you better achieve corporate objectives.

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Find out more about Learning Analytics with the imc Learning Suite.


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Discover learning analytics for your corporate success

Are you interested in learning analytics with the imc Learning Suite? We are happy to advise you without obligation in a consultancy meeting.

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