Headless LMS
Maximum flexibility for your learning ecosystem
Rethinking headless LMS

Maximum flexibility with a headless LMS

With headless software, you can make content from one software available via other interfaces. Sounds like a lot of flexibility? That is why the concept of a headless LMS is becoming increasingly popular among L&D experts. A headless LMS enables you to make learning contents available where your learners need them. Let’s take a look at how the imc Learning Suite can be used as a headless LMS and what the advantages are.

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Smooth learning experience

Present the content in the moment of need and in the context of work

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Easier administration

Manage, update and publish your content via one single source for all applications of the ecosystem

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Maximum flexibility

Pick and choose the LMS components you need and where you want to display them.


What is a headless LMS?

A headless LMS enables the integration of its contents in other user interfaces. The content can be presented in different formats across different channels and devices. In this scenario, the LMS can be used purely as a back-end management system while the content is shown via another software interface.

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Learning in the moment of need

One example: Display the learner’s personal learning status with finished and booked courses as well as badges and certifications via their personal profile in the social intranet. Or make a course for customers available via your company website. With a headless LMS, all of this and much more is possible by simply using an API.

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Simplify your learning ecosystem

For your employees, this means that they don’t need to jump from software to software anymore to access various resources. You can provide them with one single point of access for your whole learning ecosystem. Just integrate your LMS contents, other content providers and third-party tools into one platform so your learners can search for all the learning resources they need via one user interface.

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Make data maintenance more efficient

With a headless LMS, your admins don’t need to maintain the same data on different platforms. By integrating the functionalities of a software, you can manage, update and publish information via one software that is used as single source for the whole software ecosystem, giving you full version control. The data will automatically be synchronised across all the interfaces that use this functionality via API.

Interesting Facts on Headless LMS


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