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Achieve a better outcome of learning from your enterprise L&D investment
Rethinking competency-based learning

Take on digital working with a competency-based approach to enterprise L&D

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Shorter qualification times

Shorter qualification and onboarding times at a consistently high training quality

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Greater motivation to learn

Employees only commit to learning content that adds value for them, content that has a positive impact on their motivation to learn

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Lasting knowledge

Sustainable knowledge-transfer counteracts loss of knowledge, resulting in long-term competency gains for employees.


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Competencies as competitive factors

The digital transformation has a disruptive effect on technologies and work processes – many companies are facing new challenges. In the working world of tomorrow, competencies will be more important than ever. They ensure that new digital technologies are handled correctly and facilitate successful work in a globalised world.


Competency-based learning is an effective concept for sustainable human resource development in a company. In the future, employees and their skills will become key success factors, creating crucial competitive advantages.

Customisation instead of one-size-fits-all

Prescribed courses and mandatory learning content are not always met with great acceptance by employees. This, in turn, leads to fast knowledge loss. Nevertheless, this scattergun approach for professional development is standard practice in many companies.


In contrast, competency-based learning facilitates targeted training and professional development. The learning process is tailored to the personal needs of the learner, taking account of their individual strength and weaknesses. The learner only completes the courses truly necessary for gaining a specific skill.

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Competency-based learning in the imc Learning Suite

Competency-based learning focuses on learning transfer, preventing training measures being quickly forgotten. For employees, this means permanent competency gains, which may have a positive impact on their career. This lasting effect also improves the ROI for the company.


With the imc Learning Suite learning management system and our proven competency concepts, you will turn competency-based learning into your success and realise even the most complex professional development scenarios.

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Interesting facts on competency-based learning


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