LMS for Compliance Training
Discover how a modern enterprise LMS can simplify your corporate compliance training
Rethinking compliance readiness

An enterprise LMS to simplify compliance training

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Time savings

Save valuable time with automation.

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Lower error rate

Reduce your error rate. 

Better overview

Keep track of your teams’ compliance status.


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Efficiently implementing online compliance training

Compliance training is essential for employers striving for a safe legal footing. Unfortunately, many employees consider compliance training a tedious obligation. Quite often, course organisation also takes up a lot of time. That makes it even more important to design lively and exciting training courses that successfully convey learning content with lasting effect.


If employee motivation and the learning experience are improved, the learned content is internalized better. This ensures that employees meet all compliance requirements at all times, preventing breaches of compliance rules.

Adopt strategy – measure success

Since compliance typically affects all employees, the temptation is great to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, and create one training course for all employees to complete. However, compliance training must be designed specifically for its target group. Thus, defining the target group comes first, before the relevant learning content can be optimally tailored to the learners. 


Good compliance training serves to achieve a change in behaviour. It enables learners to act in accordance with the compliance rules in any situation. That’s why it is so important that you offer training in the right format, and fill it with authentic content and interactive examples, allowing your learners to test out their knowledge in a practical setting. Clever implementation is the key to success. 

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Successful implementation of compliance training with the imc Learning Suite

From annual GDPR training to specialised learning content – There are many options for implementing compliance training.The best way to organise training courses is in a compliance LMS (learning management system). A good compliance training LMS lets admins allocate courses to specific target groups.


Not only does the imc Learning Suite save you valuable time through automation, it also helps you reduce your error rate and organisational input by automating learner reminders. On top of that, you can keep track of your teams’ compliance status, as the system supports all compliance-related activities.


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Successful implementation of compliance training with the imc Learning Suite. 


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