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LMS implementation:
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For more than 20 years, employees in companies from all sectors have been learning with the imc Learning Suite. The high-performance LMS provides your company with optimal support for all challenges. Whether you are still looking for the right LMS, want to optimise your onboarding strategy or strive to boost your learners’ engagement with gamification elements: We compiled information on several use cases for you. The library is continuously growing, so stay tuned.

LMS examples
business person gives presentation to colleagues
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Learning experience

Create superior learning experiences and engaging learning journeys to supercharge the outcome of learning.

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Learning analytics

Make smart decisions and generate more revenue with learning analytics to inform your learning management.

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Take new employees from productivity level 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye with the latest blended learning and digital learning solutions.

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Headless LMS

Find out how to gain more flexibility with a headless LMS built for custom LMS implementations.

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Master requirements in the professional development of your employees and partners – with the validatable learning management system by imc.

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Learning ecosystems

Build the perfect learning ecosystem for your organisation.

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Partner training

Find out how partner training works and how you can implement it in your extended enterprise training with the help of imc Learning Suite.

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Choose the right LMS

Find the learning platform and enterprise LMS that best suits your organisation with the help of our 4-step guide.

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Build an LMS business case

Convince your approval board with a rock-solid business case for your enterprise LMS.

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Efficient management and sustainable learning for the safety of your company.

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Increase learning success and motivation with gamified elements.

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Virtual classrooms

Reach your learners anywhere and at anytime with face-to-face training in the virtual classroom

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Conversational learning

Flexible training with lasting effect and better outcome of learning through conversational learning.

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Competency-based learning

Improve the efficiency of your professional development offers with competency-based learning.


We develop e-learning trends together with our clients. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, we can utilise a wealth of knowledge and insights for the different learning approaches and find the best combination for your company.

custom content
Blended learning

The optimal combination of online and face-to-face training for maximum benefit. We help you find the perfect mix for your requirements.

Mobile learning

Short and responsive training formats like learning cards facilitate a new form of microlearning – mobile, fast, efficient

Mixed Reality (AR / VR)

Discovering real places and objects interactively – Using augmented and virtual reality allows learners to immerse themselves in new worlds.

Performance Support

Moving away from time-consuming training towards support with relevant learning nuggets in the moment of need – That’s the goal for the coming years

Web-Based Training

Interactive media elements and realistic scenarios make your training come alive – Let us set new standards.

Video-Based Learning

Videos are an outstanding choice for immersive training content, illustrating and communicating emotionally charged topics.

Game-Based Learning

With our serious games and 3D map simulation technology, we open up a new world of experiences that the learners can dive into.

Conversational Learning

Just like talking to your favourite colleague: Interactive and personal training design supported by chatbots and virtual mentors.


Want to know more about use cases for your enterprise LMS implementation?

Find out how our digital learning solutions, content, and strategy experts can help you in your specific case.

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