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Welcome to the age of self-directed learning

In recent years, the expectations of continuing education have changed fundamentally. Learners no longer want to put up with dull face-to-face teaching and the cramming of theoretical knowledge. "Learning experience" is the keyword, and this means not only the appealing design of learning content and portals, but also a different kind of learning: personalised, informal and above all self-directed. The new Channels in the imc Learning Suite enable a completely new presentation of learning content, which represents the first step towards genuine self-directed learning.

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Moment of Need

Learners can access content whenever they need it

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Little effort

Learning nuggets can be easily created in-house


Learners know what content they need for their work

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What are channels?

The new channels are topic-based containers that contain learning nuggets on the respective topics. Learners can subscribe to topics and are always kept up to date via email notifications when there is new content.


The look and feel are reminiscent of familiar platforms such as YouTube or Netflix, making it intuitive for all learners. When consuming a Learning Nugget, a playlist of content from the same channel is displayed at the edge of the screen so learners can quickly move to the next Learning Nugget.


Why invest in self-directed learning?

Informal and self-directed learning offers some advantages not only for learners. Those responsible for learning and development benefit from less organisational effort since they no longer have to give precise instructions to learners.


Instead, they can see from the self-directed use of the learning offer by the learners which topics are particularly in demand and thus identify learning needs. The learning nuggets are not only quickly consumed, but also produced with little effort. They can easily be created in-house by experts.

We have to face reality. The decisive factor is not how much an employee learns, but what he or she remembers. We know that learning content is better memorised when the learner can immediately apply what he or she has learned and can choose the learning method that suits him or her best. People must be able to decide for themselves what and when they learn. That is why we rely on self-directed learning methods.
Michael Temme
Manager for Innovation Projects
Mercedes-Benz Global Training

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