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Product Updates

Always up to date with the imc Learning Suite product updates

Our teams in product management and development are continuously working on improving imc Learning Suite to provide the best possible user experience for admins, tutors and learners.

Innovation Pack (V14.15) - Learning Analytics

Innovation Pack 14.15 brings the new Learning Analytics add-on. Find out how to boost your learning strategy and enhance your company's success through learning data.

Innovation Pack (V14.13) - Channels

With Innovation Pack 14.13, we release a brand new add-on: Channels. Get to know our new add-on for self-directed learning and a new learning experience.

Innovation Pack (V14.12)

Innovation Pack 14.12 brings a lot of new possibilities with the Shopify connector.

Innovation Pack (V14.11)

Innovation Pack 14.11 brings many small improvements with a big effect.

Innovation Pack (V14.10)

Take a look into the future of learning amangement with us.

Innovation Pack (V14.9)

The new update brings a Shopify integration, Open Badges, push notifications and much more.

Innovation Pack (V14.8)

With support in setting up enrolment forms and managing tasks, we help L&D Professionals work smarter, not harder.

Innovation Pack (V14.7)

The new update for the imc Learning Suite includes a better overview of acquired successes for learners, the brand new 180° course feedback and a wish list for courses.

Innovation Pack (V14.5)

Innovation Pack 14.5 stands out with new integration capabilities and an improved learning experience. Discover the Microsoft Teams integration and new features like advanced reporting functions, new options for prices and currencies or new self-services.

Innovation Pack (V14.4)

With this innovation pack, the Learning Management System sports a smoother skill management, an enhanced location structure and a new option to integrate LinkedIn Learning content. We have summed up the most important information for you.