The extended learning platform for partner training at auto dealerships

imc Learning Suite is a highly flexible and adaptable solution for global auto companies looking to train partners, suppliers, and dealerships.

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The imc Learning Suite is built from the ground up for configurability. You're in complete control with highly flexible and pre-configured settings across the whole platform. Adjust the configuration to match the complexity of your partner training at auto dealerships 

The right support for the auto sector

Integrating a LMS into your wider auto dealership model offers true value by seamlessly incorporating learners into a standardised culture and processes. The key to success lies in a user-friendly implementation.

Secure, reliable and scalable

The platform integrates with your employee management systems thanks to a broad set of integration possibilities, including the open web services API. We take a standard approach where possible, encompassing SCORM, xAPI, SCIM, LTI, and flat files, and can explore other integration possibilities with you. 

A digital learning suite built for automotive partner training

The best LMS to consolidate your extended enterprise learning

A powerful platform for training your partners and dealerships

imc Learning Suite serves as the flexible foundation for your training programmes inhouse and with partners.

  • Engaging, multimedia-rich training experiences that can be tailored to your unique needs and objectives.
  • Easy creation and management of training content, learner progress tracking, and training effectiveness analysis.
  • Customise your learning management, tracking and reporting to align with your business structure.


A perfect match for decentralised IT landscapes 

By deploying a user data integration connector, you can not only connect the imc Learning Suite to other systems in your IT landscape but also automate user management. There are many possibilities and opportunities here, including options: 

  • Automatically create, update, activate and deactivate users in your LMS. 
  • Connect the LMS to HR systems, payroll systems such as Workday, and CRM systems such as Salesforce. 
  • Analyse learning data in conjunction with business data to track the impact of learning and development in partner companies. 


Perfect enterprise training at global auto brands
"Compliance training is always a tricky subject. For this WBT though, we received very favourable feedback!"
Laura Schumacher

Partner training at auto dealerships:
Everything you need to know about training external partners

Want to know about training your external networks of partners and dealerships? Download our full guide to extended enterprise training.

Need to expand your extended enterprise training to partners and dealerships?

Get in touch with us to schedule a demo and share your global LMS requirements. Our team can help you find the perfect solution to train your external partners.

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