100 digital training courses created in 3 months

Find out how a leading medical group saved time and money with a modern LMS and AI-driven authoring tool. 

MKK and imc Learning

eLearning in hospitals? Of course!

Main-Kinzig-Kliniken (MKK) was formed from the merger of three hospitals and is responsible for a catchment area of 250,000 people. With 2500 employees, they offer inpatient and outpatient treatment at two locations in all areas of basic and specialist care.


Compulsory training, but fun? 

Nurses, doctors, medical-technical staff, employees from administration, personnel, technology, housekeeping and catering: this diverse group in hospitals needs to be trained again and again. After all, missing mandatory training can result in expensive fines. 


The Main-Kinzig clinics were looking for a 360-degree solution to ensure this was as time and cost-efficient as possible. On the one hand, a learning platform was to be purchased, but also a tool that would allow employees to create learning content themselves. At the same time, they wanted to reduce the mountains of paper often used in hospitals and rely on more environmentally friendly, digital alternatives.  

MKK and imc Learning - enterprise learning in healthcare

Learning platform and super-easy authoring tool for seamless pre-boarding

imc's Learning Management System (LMS), the imc Learning Suite, fully met the requirements of Main-Kinzig-Kliniken. As the connection to existing systems posed no problem and all user scenarios could be covered, MKK opted for imc's LMS.  


In addition, the AI-supported authoring tool, imc Express, impressed the MKK team right from the start and was introduced straight away.  


Kerstin Hammer, Head of HR at MKK, says: "It was important for us to find an authoring tool that all of our employees could use quickly and easily and create their own learning content. We see the fact that the LMS and the authoring tool also come from the same provider as an absolute plus, because we know that compatibility is always guaranteed. And since even the best learning platform is pointless without learning content, we started creating digital training courses even before the LMS was rolled out."  


Pre-boarding with heart and mind  

The team places particular emphasis on the induction of new employees, i.e. pre-boarding and onboarding. After signing their contract, new employees receive a welcome letter with a card that looks like a business card with a QR code. If they scan this code, their access is activated and they can obtain initial information about their new workplace in the system.  


"This is very simple but useful information, such as where to find parking spaces. But it helps people, makes them feel welcome, takes away their nervousness and is extremely well received," explains Kerstin Hammer.  


During the actual onboarding, i.e. after the official start of the contract, all areas of the clinics and work areas are then introduced. Thanks to the new systems, this is now also faster, as work processes have been streamlined.  


3 months, 100 training sessions: And that's just the beginning

The results are already impressive after just a few months: Within 3 months, the team around Kerstin Hammer has produced over 100 digital training courses.  


However, the team launched a sophisticated communication campaign to ensure that these did not lie unused in the system. Articles with learning tips were regularly shared in the employee app, the differences to online learning were explained and the planned and already implemented innovations were repeatedly placed in internal communication rounds and with the works council.  


All of this ensures that online learning is positively received by the entire workforce, as confirmed by internal feedback. 


Hammer sums up: "We still see far-reaching potential in our learning concept. The possible applications, including the ChatGPT function at imc Express, offer unlimited potential. Our goal is that anyone who wants to can become a lecturer and pass on their knowledge. And we can already see that it is working: even some senior physicians have been bitten by the bug and are creating their first training courses. This is a great success for us, but we're nowhere near the end of the line!"

"We see far-reaching and unlimited potential."
Kerstin Hammer
Head of HR