Success Story
Hansgrohe Group: Fast, Easy, Multilingual - how imc Express changed our elearning

Ensuring high quality elearning across global operations

Enterprise learning to ensure quality across global operations

The Hansgrohe Group stands for innovation and progressive thinking. The company is a global player in the bathrooms and kitchens industry, a name synonymous with innovation, design, and quality.  The Hansgrohe Group has 5,400 employees worldwide and in 2021 generated total sales of 1.365 billion euros.


How to achieve a consistent delivery worldwide

The Hansgrohe Group is committed to top quality. Delivering on this commitment entails communicating the quality message to all employees at multiple locations around the globe. To that end, the company needed to guarantee the same high level of expertise in all its divisions, whether in the USA, Europe, or China.


Face-to-face professional development was another challenge: shift workers in production had few options for attending courses held at remote locations during their normal working hours.

Enterprise learning to ensure quality across global operations

Professional and multilingual elearning content in no time

With the imc Express content authoring tool, all employees can now digitalise their knowledge themselves in next to no time.

“Since the introduction of imc Express, more and more employees are taking the initiative and want to create e-learning content. It’s just the best thing for personnel development,” says Jasmin Gargano from Human Resources, IT & Processes.

There are two key benefits to producing training content using imc Express. Firstly, the integrated AI and ability to store the company’s corporate design ensure a uniform and professional brand image. Secondly, imc Express helps with proper didactic structuring of training content, so even authoring tool novices can achieve professional results.

What’s more, the automated translation function can translate e-learning content into over 50 languages in mere minutes. There’s even a text-to-speech engine for generating audio content.

But that’s not all. Users can save themselves even more time by importing content directly from Word and PowerPoint documents.


Creating new elearning expertise and reducing costs

Prior to this content authoring tool’s introduction, production of digital training courses at Hansgrohe rested with a small handful of employees. Unfortunately, the strong inhouse demand for e-learning meant these employees were very quickly stretched to capacity.

But with imc Express, around 16 employees from various departments independently created vast amounts of content in just six months. They produced 47 digital training courses on a whole range of topics. These included courses on in-house software use as well as training specifically for senior management.

imc Express has also been well received by e-learning professionals. “The tool enables us to quickly convert in-person training content into e-learning content,” said one. Moreover, the company is delighted at the immense cost savings, not to mention the time savings. Spending on face-to-face training is down, and the company has eliminated the high cost of familiarizing personnel with complex tools. Instead, it is fostering independent and collaborative production of user-generated content.

Hansgrohe will continue to pursue company-wide digitalisation of knowledge, and imc Express will play a key part in this. The aim going forward is to make knowledge transfer simpler and more effective, so as to keep knowledge loss and time and cost overheads to an absolute minimum.

47 digital training courses
~ in six months
16 new authors
~ from various departments
Hansgrohe SE attaches great importance to efficient knowledge transfer. Each department has specialist expertise, and this should be made available for use. Time is money. imc Express saves us money because it doesn’t require a learning curve and it streamlines the creation of e-learning content. It supports independent creation of e-learning courses.
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE