imc Express

Your AI-powered content authoring tool for corporate learning

Automation as a USP

Automates 80% of the workload

Artificial intelligence as USP

AI-driven content creation

customization as USP

Automatic layout and design in your company branding

Make your elearning content creation simpler, faster, and more efficient. imc Express gives your whole team an AI-powered tool that only include the functions that you truly need to create fabulous on-brand elearning courses.


Ultra-simple and efficient processes - including automated layout and design capabilities - allow you to create high-quality courses without the need for extensive training. Empower your team with imc Express and generate your elearning content with ease.

Time is money. imc Express saves us money because it doesn't require a learning curve and it streamlines the creation of e-learning content.
Jasmin Gargano
Human Resources IT & Processes
Hansgrohe SE
With imc Express, content can be created quickly and easily using AI
Mario Kopic
Specialist digital learning
imc Express is the single most impressive user generated content platform I have seen ever.
Nick Matheson-Smith
Five NZ
imc Express allows you to get training content in your learner’s hands fast. Not in a matter of months or weeks, but hours.
Mikkel Hansen
CEO & Co-founder
With imc Express we can create animated learning content easily and quickly from a PowerPoint presentation.
Sanitas Management AG
It enables any IT-savvy employee to quickly create varied and interactive e-learnings.
BAWAG Insurance AG
Our trainers can generate learning content without extensive training or prior knowledge. It is intuitive and fast.
MODAL Company for Business-Oriented Education and Management GmbH
imc Express is the ideal tool to easily transform written content into digital learning units. It's simple and straightforward. Ltd.

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