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Off-the-shelf Content
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Off-the-shelf Content

Especially for topics such as compliance, off-the-shelf content is a practical and cost-effective alternative to custom content. The advantage? Immediately ready for action, to offer your employees a comprehensive ready-to-go training programme.

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off-the-shelf content

Select the right topics for your needs from our off-the-shelf content library. All content was developed and reviewed in collaboration with a group of experts. Knowledge checks and final tests prove the success of a training course and verify that the training has been carried out. Simply select suitable bundles and training courses with the search and filter functions. Enjoy browsing!

Cyber Crime Time - The Learning Journey

Stay ahead of cyber threats: Learn how to protect yourself from the most common cyber attack techniques.

Fit for FinSA

Be perfectly prepared for the new requirements of FinSA and FinIA in Switzerland.

Compliance E-Learning

Teach compliance policies in a memorable and easy-to-understand way.


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