Learning for
a sustainable future

How learning campaigns transform companies and pave the way for genuine sustainability
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Change starts with awareness

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Creating new awareness

The modern economy faces the challenge of placing sustainability at the core of its activities. Learning campaigns are a powerful tool that companies use to drive this change. They are not just mere trainings but initiatives aimed at profoundly altering behaviour and corporate culture.

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How your company can benefit

Learning campaigns offer scalability, allowing companies to meet their specific needs and objectives. They not only focus on the awareness and commitment of employees but also enable clear success monitoring. The ultimate goal? A sustainable transformation in all areas of the company.

Your guide to sustainable transformation

This whitepaper provides not only insights into the theory and practice of learning campaigns for sustainability but also clear steps for implementation in your company. Use learning campaigns as an integral part of your sustainability strategy and meet the changing expectations of consumers, investors, and society.

Learning campaigns in action

Schaeffler's Climate Action Day

The Schaeffler Group is a leading global automotive and industrial supplier headquartered in Herzogenaurach.

Imagine all your employees being engaged simultaneously and wholeheartedly in the topic of climate neutrality. That's exactly what the Schaeffler Group achieved with their Climate Action Day: 23,000 innovative ideas worldwide in just one day!
Discover how a well-conceived learning campaign not only heightens awareness but also promotes concrete action and innovation.

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“About 23,000 ideas – that was the outcome of Climate Action Day 2022. The feedback from colleagues from all around the world was resoundingly positive. The Teams chat absolutely exploded, and the engagement via social media was massive, too.
Hanna Peter-Regar
Senior Vice President
Schaeffler Academy

Dive deep

Shape a sustainable future through effective learning strategies.


Download the whitepaper now!

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