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In today's world of remote and hybrid work, it's crucial to establish an emotional connection with the brand as employee loyalty depends not only on salary and holiday days.  Our free whitepaper offers valuable insights into digital approaches that can help you become the employer of choice. Discover how to:  

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Case Study

Blended Learning at Vodafone

Vodafone’s purpose is to connect for a better world and drive innovation – as summed up by its “Together we can” global brand positioning.


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The Challenge

Digitalising a five-day in-person onboarding workshop

At Vodafone GmbH, induction, orientation and training in corporate values for new customer service representatives used to take the form of a week-long in-person workshop. That was the case up until early 2020, when the pandemic came along and changed everything. Suddenly the company had to find an alternative solution. All of this learning content would be imparted by trainers in in-person training workshops. But once it became apparent that the pandemic was not going away any time soon, Vodafone decided to digitalise these training workshops.

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The Solution

A blended learning experience featuring an interactive 3D map, learning diary and portal page

Together with Vodafone, the team of imc developed a blended learning concept called “Basic Customer Care”, or BCC for short. This new onboarding programme is strong on variety, comprising such varied components as a trailer video, performance cards, a four-day challenge, a learning diary, a central portal page and a “Vodafone Island” 3D map.

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Measurably improved results

Vodafone’s objectives were to achieve measurable improvements in training quality and increase the already very pleasing scores achieved in the metrics it typically assesses for all training courses. after each training course, Vodafone calculates the net promoter score – a commonly used metric that indicates how likely consumers are to recommend the product or service in question to others. Previously 82%, this score increased to an extremely pleasing 88% following implementation of the digital onboarding programme.

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