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E-Learning Brunch Podcast Host Kenneth Littlepage

E-Learning Brunch

”E-Learning Brunch” is a podcast about digitalisation and learning. Every two months, podcast host Kenny interviews a new, exciting person that is an expert, pioneer or trendsetter in the digital training world. The podcast is made for human resource and learning gourmets, leaders, innovation managers and those who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the time.


Illustration E-Learning Punk

E-Learning Punk

You want to stand out from the grey mass of boring web-based trainings (WBTs) and inspire your learners with cool, creative and engaging content? Then you've come to the right place! E-Learning Punk is an article and talk series for all L&D Pros who want to dare something and believe that digital training has to be colourful and loud.

Featured Image LMS Hot Topics

LMS Hot Topics

"LMS Hot Topics" is a series of articles dealing with all topics related to Learning Management Systems.

No matter if you are already a real LnD-Pro with years of experience in the support of an LMS, or if you just want to get started - there is something for everyone here.

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Unique people. Random questions.

imc Job Slot

What does a Project Management Officer actually do? Or a motion designer? What does a trainee learn in New Media? Well, we can't answer these questions in a general way, but we can explain to you what they do in our company.

Random questions, regular new faces and professions, that's imc's job slot.