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Our do's and don'ts for shared communication on social media

Our Social Media Netiquette

On its social media channels, imc AG provides diverse contributions and topics that spark discussion among the users. We welcome this and value your feedback on our offers.  


In this context, it is important to us that each discussion participant is able to express themselves freely and nobody is excluded. 

We must therefore insist that contributions are always formulated in a constructive and objective tone, even if there are disagreements about the content. 


We want a community that enjoys discussion and has fun with it. Our corporate pages on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInXing and other channels always strive to facilitate objective discussion. The best way to achieve that is by choosing a friendly tone. Treat other users as you want to be treated yourself. Always remember that you are dealing with real people, not with virtual personalities. Every person is entitled to their opinion.  


The following content is not permitted:  

  • insults, humiliation and slurs of any type 
  • instigation of violence against persons, institutions or companies  
  • any form of threat or intimidation  
  • any form of election or party propaganda 
  • racism or hate propaganda 
  • pornography or obscenities 
  • infringement of third-party rights (individuals, institutions, organisations, companies) 
  • comments unrelated to the topic at hand[Textflussumbruch]- comments containing nothing but links, or for the sole purpose of processing linked content 
  • publication of postal or email addresses and telephone numbers 
  • publication of private correspondence (letters, emails or similar)  
  • calls for donations 
  • misuse of the comment function as an advertising space for websites or services (spamming) 
  •  commercial or private offering of goods or services  
  • offers without stating the source or author  


Our Community Managers reserve the right to hide or delete comments. Each user is responsible for the article published by them. We reserve the right to amend or supplement these guidelines.  


imc AG would like to thank you for your trust!